Stop Touching My Hair!!!!!

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When im going out so many people touch my hair and sometimes i hate it, sometimes i dont mind.
Oh my gosh I'm so happy this thread is here because it means I'm not the only one getting my hair molested by strangers!!!

I was in a deli a week or so ago, picking up some soup. It's a family owned place that I've gone to for years, and I kind of know the little old lady that always runs the register. But I was standing at the deli counter, waiting for my soup, and I feel someone pulling on my hair. I whip around to find the little old lady....who continued to pull on my hair and say "I love your's so pretty...I wish my kids had hair like this...I wish my grandkids had hair like this...." all the while grabbing and pulling on my curls. I just said thank you, that's very sweet. But in my head I was thinking "get your hands OFF my hair lady!!!!".

I'm always flattered when I'm complimented on my hair, especially the gray streak that I have in the front because there's a part of me that's a little insecure about it, but why people have touch it in order to compliment it is just beyond me!
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I heard that all of my life....
I had people coming up to me daily when I was a teen tugging on my curls, wrapping fingers in my curls and trying to pull them straight, boing'ers, sproing'ers, twisters, pokers and patters. I also had the fat pinchey cheeks people loved to pinch as well . My dad would tell me that it was a compliment and be nice. No it is not a compliment to have strangers play with your hair and cheeks... UGH!

I feel very strongly about this as an adult and have no problem politely telling people to back off and leave my hair alone.
My children had the same thing with their hair and cheeks as wee ones and I would kindly tell people to leave my kids alone in a very firm tone. Yes I know its gorgeous and pretty and adorable and all, but Do Not Touch MY Children. Strangers touching their hair and cheeks is touching them, not allowed.
Strangers are not allowed to touch their hair or cheeks was taught to them with stranger danger. My belief is, whats the differance if it was OK for strangers to come up and talk to my kids about their hair, pinch the cheeks and play with their hair.
Where is that boundary? The boundary had been crossed when strangers played with, "Touched", my kids hair or cheeks.
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I used to hate it if anybody touched my hair, but now that it's wavy and doesn't frizz and poof as easily, I actually like it. My uncle just loves to run his fingers through it!I don't mind friends, family, and aquaintances playing around with it (if it does frizz then I'm cool with it because they realize it's because they were playing in it), but not strangers. I think it's very poor etiquette to just touch a random stranger's body part whether it's hair, cheeks, etc. If some random bozo came up to me and touched my hair, I'd just be like, "Um...can I help you?"

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i just bc'ed on the 12th so the only people that have touched my hair are my mama and my best friend. however considering i have had strange people come up to me and touch my dimple without permission maybe i should invest in some protective headgear.
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EW! If anyone random came up to me and touched my hair I would go CRAZY!!! In school SO Many people do that and it is sooooooooooo annoying!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Okay Rant over
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I once had a girl i barely knew put her finger in one of my ringlets and say "It's like I'm having sex with your hair." Couldn't even make that up.

On the good side, i recently went to see Hair, the musical, and the actors played with my hair when they were going down the aisles.
I once had a girl i barely knew put her finger in one of my ringlets and say "It's like I'm having sex with your hair." Couldn't even make that up.
Originally Posted by liamarion
Oh wow that's super creepy!

Since my hair is wavy, the "curls" are bigger, not tight ringlets, so nobody tries to bounce them or anything... but I have had people try to run their fingers through it which I hate because your hand always gets stuck half way down since my hair is so thick and clumpy (I swear it is clean & not tangled, it just does that...).
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A dear friend of mine was giving me a ride to BK since I was strapped for cash and when I got in the car to give him a hug...he squeezed my puff. (had my hair slicked back into a pony puff)

I can't describe the anger and disgust I felt...I actually snapped at him to never touch my hair again...I felt bad later on because he never saw that side of me before...but I really hate when people touch my hair without asking!
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I will admit to having an issue with wanting to touch people's hair, but at least I usually wait until I know them to start messing with it. I know at least one of my friends is tired of me pulling her face-framing ringlets. That's one of the reasons I decided to go natural. Then I'll have my own curls to play with. I just wonder how do people work up the gall to touch a stranger's hair.
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Strangers tend to ask to touch my hair, but more often they ask to see my roots! Most people just can't take, "No, it's not a weave" at face value.
Today for track the distance runners went on a nine mile run, and since the mid distance runners (me included) train with them at practice we had to suck it up and go with them. My friend ran with me because the trail is secluded and sketchy and the whole time he'd reach over and be like BOING. He also said "I like watching your hair bounce when you run, it has personality!" He meant both things in a nice way, and I was totally cool with the boinging.
I hate when girls do it though (one girl also rakes my hair with her fingers UGH. I have a higher tolerance for my guy friends, don't know why though...
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"Is that your natural hair?"

THE most common question that I get from strangers... followed by me saying "yes" and their response being:

"It's so pretty/gorgeous/etc"
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I My Hair friend touched hair out the blue the other day while we were in the car....He was like, "Wow, your hair is growing really fast!" and he boinged a curl...I literally recoiled and had to play off a "cute" reaction but in my head I was like AHHHH! I wasn't even mad that he was touching it, it's just a natural reaction when people just touch me without warning...if he had asked I would have been fine with it.
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i hate it when people randomly touch my hair or boing a curl. i like a little personal space. someone touching my hair seems intimate and more like a privilege (because you know anytime someone touches it, it gets frizzier) than something people should think is appropriate whenever.

also- when i was in school, people used to put things in my hair while sitting behind me. paper balls, pencils, wrappers, candy once. so disrespectful.

one of my best friends, lol i like hate her! but not really , anyway she has straight hair or at least a little wavy. she always touching and bounging my hair.......BACK AWAY FROM THE HAIRRRR, it took me like 2 hours in the morning just to get it to be bouncy and only have a little frizz. and like my bad hair days she goes up touches my hair and is like you should straighten your hair to make it softer and im just on flames in the
That happened to me ALL the time before I got my hair straightened (which I regret terribly), and it bugged the crap out of me. Now my hair has been wavyish for about a year and I actually miss all the touching and tugging. It's a huge compliment, whether it feels like it or not. My hair is just getting curly again, and I'm keeping my finers crossed for the day that a stranger comes up, tugs my hair, and says "BOING!"
also- when i was in school, people used to put things in my hair while sitting behind me. paper balls, pencils, wrappers, candy once. so disrespectful.
Originally Posted by emariebaker
Oh my god I remember that. During an assembly in 6th grade, the boy behind me stuck pennies in my hair. I didn't notice until I stood up to leave and some of them fell out. "Some" being about five. I immediately grabbed my hair and started pulling the pennies out -- there were at least 20 pennies stuck in my hair!!!
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Strangers tend to ask to touch my hair, but more often they ask to see my roots! Most people just can't take, "No, it's not a weave" at face value.
Originally Posted by veezor
My cousins asked me if I was wearing a wig. ARGH.

Sorry I'm posting here so much I just love this topic.
I dont know what's wrong with my coworker but she keeps roughly rubbing her hand through my hair. I had this bomb twist out and this chick wouldnt stop even after i told her to. I was seriously about to go off ... she's lucky we were at work.

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