Hairdressers who insist on blow dried straight hair

The subject says it all! Why must my hairdresser blow dry my hair stick straight after I say I love curly hair and want to bring out the natural curl, as I do not want a blow dry, and have been wearing my hair curly? Isn't that enough of a clue? Why must it be a battle? The magazines in the salon are full of blondes, not one hispanic or even a redhead to be found. Couldn't find one woman over 30 either. The best experience I had was with a woman who was 50's and middle eastern with red hair. Why do upscale salons think redheads and curly hair are lower middle class?
Is this how people think? At work am I considered less important because I am not blonde?

It really ticks me off, she put a toner on too, to "tone down my brassiness" now my hair doesn't look as red even though I am freaking redhead. It will wear off in a few months but it puts redheads and curlies in a lower class.
Why do you always see professional women in salons getting blonde, highlights, or streaks and straightened? When they are brunettes with naturally wavy hair?

One of the many reasons I cut my own hair. I don't want to get into a screaming hissy fit at a salon when they try to do things I don't want done. And yes, I would get right out of the chair if they brought a blow dryer near my hair.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since February 2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
Me, too. I cut and color my own hair because stylists don't listen. I get more compliments on my own handiwork, anyway. I can't tell you how many times I've told them that if they comb out my damp hair before styling, it will frizz. And yet they do it EVERY TIME: comb it out and rub in product, creating friction, only to fry it with the diffusor until it becomes cotton candy.
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I HATE that kind of prejudice! I'm only a 2a and I frequently wish I was a 3. Not to mention I've gone redhead in the past. I LOVE red, curly hair! Why does everyone want to be straight and blonde?? I don't get it!

Though I do dye my hair red occasionally (It matches my freckles, and hearkens back to the Irish heritage I'm so proud of), I'm completely happy as a brunette.
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ne3bwoman, I love to see really rich red colors. Alongside the deepest black, that is my favorite hair color. Too bad none of them suit my complexion .

You should have really put your foot down and not let that woman come near you with the toner. I'd have told her to save it for all of those brunettes she bleaches blond; *that* is what toner is intended for.

Some of these "professionals" need a good re-education in styling curly hair. Have you seen some of the hairdressing textbooks? They are pretty useless, no wonder most stylists are clueless when it comes to curls.

The reason you see all those women getting the same stressful procedures done to their hair is obviously largely because of serious lemminghood, and societal pressures from stupid men. It usually doesn't suit them but people are afraid to stand out.
I guess I've been lucky, the last stylist I went to, I explained her really well what I wanted to do about the know, bring out the curls, have more volume on top. After it was done, she asked me if I wanted it styled straight or curly. She really wanted to make it curly, said people always asked for
Of course, she didn't really know how to work with my curls, but she was so enthousiatic about it, it warmed ny heart.
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I've had good success in this area, mainly, I think, because of the location of my stylist. Not to offend, I'll leave out the city she works in. I'll just call it "Land of the Straight Hair." Rarely do you see someone there with curls. Fortunately, I'm just a visitor, merely getting my hair cut there. Curls are abundant where I live, just a few miles away. Anyway, because she so infrequently deals with curls, she loves mine. She has never once attempted to straighten my hair. Instead, her main concern before I leave is that my hair curl again, after she wets and combs it straight to cut it. It kills me when I see these women with great curls clamoring to purchase a flat iron at the salon. If hairdressers celebrated curls more, instead of trying to eliminate them, the flat iron wouldn't be such a popular toy.
I think stylists want to straighten hair because it is easier for them as they might not be that great at styling curly hair. They also maybe think they are giving us something special that we can't do ourselves. Then there is the curl prejudice!
I think part of it may be it's just something different that they can do for you that they think maybe you don't do at home. Also, with hair color, they usually want to blowdry it so they can see the actual color, it's darker when it's wet. Another thing is, hair shrinks when it dries (as we all know! ) so often a stylist will want to dry it so they can see how the cut turned out; if it's even, not too long or too short, bangs are even, etc.
It's all about "finishing" a hair cut or color service.
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THIS is why I started going to someone that is an expert with curly hair. I live in NJ, travel into New York City about twice a year to see him. Yes, it's a lot more money than what I would spend at my local salon, but it is worth every penny. He cuts it just right, it looks amazing when I leave because he styles it curly, and it continues to look amazing until the next cut. I've had so many bad cuts and forced blow-outs from people who don't get it.....I will never go back!!!
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