curl h8ters

ok i officially dont get why alot of ppl dont like curly hair. ppl are always telling me to straighten my hair but i really dont want curly hair is a tiny bit frizzy but surprisingly it looks really good on me. i mean on some ppl curly/a little frizzy hair looks good. it can look volumous. why is everyone always telling me to straighten my hair? wuts so great about straight hair anyway? its so flat and boring cause a lot of ppl have straight hair. anyone else feel the same way?
anyone else feel the same way?
Originally Posted by curlgirl123
Probably most people on this site, so you're in good company. The people telling you to straighten are probably just jealous because their hair is straight and boring.
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They want you to straighten it because they're jealous and they want your hair to be like everyone elses so they won't be jealous.
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I think a lot of it is the fact that in our society we're not allowed to be comfortable with ourselves and how we look. If you are, then people think there's something wrong with you.
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yeah u guys are probably right. it just seems so unfair how everyone is so picky these days. ppl should be more open-minded.
I think it is the media that is dictating these standards and most people are like sheep and believe what they see on tv and magazines

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