falling short.

i read teen vouge regularly, (lol though not a teen) and was happy to finally see something on curly/natural hair in the september issue! the only problem? not enough information.

"after shampooing, use a hair mask and detangle with a wide-tooth comb... rinse, blot out water and apply conditioning serum. if time - and weather - permits, let hair air-dry, otheriwse blow-dry and concentrate on lifting the roots."

and thats it. ive seen them spend PAGES on straight hair! you can hardly see any curls on the girl in the picture, exept for one slightly curled piece on the end. its just one big dark fluffy afro without any defenition. the recommened products are a wide tooth comb, garnier fructis length and strength serum, curly pudding, and pantene pro-v relaxed and natural intensive moisturizing shampoo.
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I've seen this also. Even though I don't read Teen Vogue, I see it in Seventeen. There are so many straight hair styles yet so little on curls! Magazines should also show styles for curly hair instead of focusing mainly on straight.
I know what you mean.

Years and years ago when reading a young-teens mag I came across the advice not to brush curly hair which should have changed my life. But there was no proper advice or explanation so I was just like "How can you not brush your hair? It would get messy!" and carried on brushing...

If only they'd had a bigger article on it...
Well I think they write articles based on which companies want their products to be advertised in said articles. And as we all know, most hair products are straight-centric.
I know, seventeen is always recommending john frieda products for curls.
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