Drastic Hair Change

I've been loosing significant amounts of hair for about 7 years now. Initially this wasn't a big deal, as I was always fighting the thickness of my hair, however now it has become thin in a VERY noticable way, and I'm only in my 20's. My curls have also devolved from tight spirals that took nothing more than some gel, to loose loops that fall out throughout the day. I've adopted the CG routine for a few months now, and while my hair feels healthier, it's still falling out and the curls refuse to hold.

I've seen various health related issues that would cause this, is there a place where I can find other symptoms associated with each? I don't have a lot of money for Dr's bills & a large array of tests, so I'd like to try and narrow it down, any ideas?
I could have written your post myself. I started losing clumps of hair at about age 21. I at first wrote it up to stress which I had an extremely lot of it at the time. But it didn't stop. It wasn't visibly noticable at first, but 7 years later my ends are noticeably thin, and before it was a struggle to get a large ponytail holder just 2 times around my hair now I can wrap a small one 3 or 4 times. And as far as Im concerned I see a little too much scalp. And I too have no insurance and little money for doctors.

During my own research I came across this article:


I found that helpful, it's all very overwhelming especially if you dont have alot of money for doctors, I heard recommendations for a dermatologist, ob/gyn (for hormones) having your thryoid checked, I also recently heard about Trichologist they apparently specialize in hair loss, but it too sounds a little expensive.

some people have had luck with a line of products called Nixon, but it was a little too pricey for me. Some have had luck with massaging certain kinds of oil into their scalp as well.

What I have been doing, is I became a PJ, if I felt something made me shed too much then I stopped using it, I do whatever makes my hair shed less.

But I think I might have solved my problem (crosses fingers), I think in my case my scalp is very dry and sensitve to harsh ingredients. I just started using Devacare products last week and I have had a significant improvement. Im not saying you should run out and buy it. but I have seen alot of improvements over the last several months in general by making adjustments to my products and my routine. Just something to try until your figure out where to go for help.

here are some more articles to share



I was looking for a oil recipe some have had results with on a different forum but it is a very busy site and I can't find it anymore. Hope I help out some and good luck. As a person in a similar situation I would love to hear if you have any good results.

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