Fragrance free curl products for sensitive scalps?

Hi, I could really use some help finding products (leave in conditioner, mousse, curl defining serum etc) that dont have fragrance.

I am horribly allergic to most scents and it affects my scalp and even the skin on my face really badly.

When i was younger i used products in my hair all the time and my curls were better protected and easier to style - I'd love to find something I can use on my hair again.

Any ideas?

Free & Clear makes shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray etc. I have used their gel and Vanicream soap is the only one that doesn't make my skin itch a lot. I like the gel, it's not a very hard hold, but it's a decent gel and it's CG-friendly. Adds shine and definition. Controls frizz.
The shampoo and conditioner have mild (mostly) ingredients and I have read many good reviews. The only bad reviews are for things like detecting the odor of the ingredients (yep, it has NO added scents or cover-up scents!) or that the shampoo isn't high-foaming (yep, it's gentle, you can't use it to get grease off the garage floor).
Here's a link:
You are far worse off than I, but I do empathize and encourage you to check out Allergy Superstore and also search for "unscented shampoos and conditioners" because you will find more than 5 or 10 years ago.
California Baby and Magick Botanicals come to mind too. They're pricier than drugstore brands, but I find you can often use less. often has these products at good prices with reasonable shipping. Free&Clear is available in some drugstores.

As for me, I've given up and begun making my own shampoo, cream wash, and conditioner for me, my spouse, and my dog. All of us have allergies and skin problems. I'm a much happier camper now.

Jessicurl makes unscented products, if I'm not mistaken. That's a popular brand here for curlies.
Good luck to you!
Spiral Solutions products can be requested as fragrance free through her etsy store. The products in CurlMart are scented. The scented ones have never bothered me (I, too, am sensitive to ingredients and fragrances) when I used them but I request mine fragrance free through her etsy store.

They are really great products.

I know that Jessicurl products can also be chosen fragrance free. I tried them but the products were too heavy for my fine waves.

I think there are some brands at Whole Foods or through places like that offer some hair products that are fragrance free. I think Sally Beauty also has a gel that is called something hypoallergenic. You could check those sites and maybe search fragrance free.

I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
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