how do I use progesterone cream?

I'm thinking of using this cream for my pcos issues

EMERITA: Pro-Gest, natural progesterone cream to balance hormones. - Emerita

but I don't get the directions of using it from day 8-28 of my cycle. Would day 8 be the first day after my period is over? what if my cycle only lasts 5 days? would it then be on day 6? so confused....
It should have directions on the label, but for pre-menopausal women, you typically apply 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. daily for the last 14 days of your cycle. It worked really well for me, but just to warn you, some women are hypersensitive to the effects of progesterone. I cannot take Provera because it gives me really bad pressure and cramps, as in keeps me up all night pressure and cramps. Progesterone cream does, too, but to a lesser extent - I'm going back to that after 3 mons. on Provera. I bought Source Naturals from

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