Hi all I know this is a curly forum, but I thought maybe y'all could help a fellow curly out I am looking for very gentle product recs for my mom. Her hair is straight as a board and baby fine. She has been very, very sick for the last several years and while undergoing treatment a few years back, she lost the majority of her hair. It has grown back in now (as much as it's going to), although thinner and finer than ever. She doesn't get out to go shopping much anymore, so my Dad just picks her up poo, conditioner etc when he goes to Wal-Mart. She asked me the other day what I was using on my hair, bless her heart, since our hair is completely different, I didn't know what to tell her to try. I'm sure what she's using now is full of cones/sulfates and way to harsh for her very fragile hair.
Do y'all have any rec's for something very, very gentle, doesn't have to be CG, just gentle. Poo, cond, mousse maybe since it's so fine, and hairspray rec's would be great. And readily available at w/m or the drugstore TIA!!
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