My hair is light brown, fine, wavy and very frizzy. I haven't colored my hair in 4-5 years. I have been finding random hairs that differ from my regular hair since I was a teenager. Nowadays, I'm finding more and more strange hairs. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and a low thyroid. I don't know if those conditions have anything to do with these strange hairs.

The following are the kinds of hairs I'm finding:

~zigzag: I now find several day. All of them are more coarse than my regular hair. Some are the same color as my hair, some are white blonde and some are almost black. Some individual strands themselves vary in thickness and/or color, meaning that the top of the strand is fine, then below that is a section of the strand that is very coarse, then the bottom of the strand goes back to being thin. The same is true about strands that vary in color.
a. Some are new growth and they feel like needles poking out of my scalp. These have a really tight zigzag pattern.
b. Many are almost as long as my regular hair and also have a tight zigzag but not as tight as the new growth hairs.
c. The majority of the zigzag strands look like a loose wave but they have definite kinks in them every 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch. These more relaxed strands look similar to the ones in this photo that someone with similar hair posted online: Random / weird/ coarse/ kinky/ wiry/ strange thick hair strands Too bad this is the least interesting-looking type of zigzag hair!

~I'm also finding many hairs that look straight but they are thinner and waved into a C pattern at one end. They just wave once like the letter C or the top of an S. I'm assuming this is at the root (since I find them in the shower, I'm not really sure which is the root or end).

~I also have very few grey hairs that I find once or twice a year but they aren't similar in texture or pattern to any of the ones mentioned above.

Thanks for any help you can offer me!

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