flakes/dandruff/dry scalp or .... ?

I'm a bit stumped. I have a really dry scalp and anywhere I go the stylist tells me that I need to wash my hair more often. I wash my hair every 4 to 5 days because I don't want my natural oils to strip out. But I noticed that I have some kind of scab on my hairline, so now I'm wondering if it's really just dandruff or is it something serious. I've always had this problem but it's never been this bad.
Does anyone have any idea of what it may be? Or any home made remedies for dandruff?
It may be seborheic dermatitis. Seborreah for short not so sure of the spelling. I have the same problem I just wah my hair with head and shoulders or t-gel or nizoral. And I wash my hair every week but make sure you follow it up with a good condition cause the shampoo strips the oils from your hair. Hope this helps!!


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I have been battling scalp psorasis for years. I agree with MsAugust, try washing your scalp with a medicated shampoo. Most of them do have SLS in them, though, so be careful to wash only your scalp and not the rest of your hair. I've had good results with T-Gel. I would also suggest following the medicated shampoo with a conditioner that contains tea tree oil. I really like Tea Tree Tingle from Trader Joe's. If those things don't help, it's worth seeing a dermatologist, but I wouldn't worry about it, it's most likely dandruff, psoriasis, or dermatitis, and none of those things are serious. Scabs are not uncommon.

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i've got the scabbing and oozing issue, and it's really quite terrible. i've also got prescriptions from the dermatologist, and they aren't doing the trick lately!
I suffer from this too ( have my whole life) ans here are things I have found help or hurt it ( via trial and error and hours on the internet)

-ACV rinses regulalry can help the flaking/scabbing ( true for me)
-Stress can make it "flair up". ( true for me)
-Your diet may be affecting it, excessive sugar can suppoedly affect it ( i love sweets, cant prove it is relatd though just because the internet says so)
-Staying hydrated sounds silly simple, but I need to remind myelf to drink water and find my scalp isnt as bad when I have been good abut it
- coconut oil can help rehydrate your scalp and maybe heal some of the scabbing ( internet, havnet tried this for very long)
- medicated shampoos ( like the tgel mentioned) feel great on the scalp but are harsh on our hair, but used every once in a while, or in conjunction with a good conditioner maybe it would be fine for you. I also use "scalpicin" which is probably soooo not "CG" worthy. My Itchea, and I pick at it without realizing it if I dont do all the above things.

Mine goes away in the summer if I spend alot of time outside. I had a friend who had this on her ears and back and scalp, and was presribed time in a tanning bed ( a medical one apparently?) to help with it. But be careful ( in general) as certain lotions or creams ued to fight skin conditions are not meant to be used whenyou are in direct sunlight or tanning beds. Jut for future reference.

Of all the stuff, the ACV rine has always worked for me and always helps.

Good luck!
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