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monipearl 05-06-2012 09:29 AM

water sensitivity: aquagenic pruritis
hey all,

i have severely sensitive skin and recently have noticed extreme itchiness and general discomfort after showering (and yes, i've changed all my products to gentle/sensitive skin formulas). i've always had this but to a lesser extent. i cannot take long showers. when i wash my hair, the process takes at least 30 minutes.

my skin feels like it is on fire on wash days. like, five-alarm style. benadryl has become my best friend on those days. i take it before i shower.

i thought about not washing my hair in the shower but in the tub; dipping my head under the faucet and all. my mom used to wash my hair like that when i was younger. i just don't think my knees can deal with that now.

any suggestions? TIA

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