Help with a bum thyroid??

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Hey ladies! Some guidance would be amazing. This doest really have anything to do with my hair but i need advice. I am 22 and have had hypothyroidism for about two years now. I'm apparently in the "normal" range but I still feel like crap. Currently I'm on 50mcg of levothyroxine. I work out like a Victoria's Secret model and I eat perfectly. I can't lose a single pound, I'm always tired, and I have no interest in sex (my poor husband has been very understanding). Any suggestions? Thanks!
Unfortunately, "normal" range in the tests is crap, and very few doctors will work on it with you. I've been on meds for 20 years, and never gotten back to normal. It's pretty normal for med dependent to feel like this.

You can ask about Cytomel, which is the T3. Sometimes that or a combo of them, or using Armour, helps. I would also look up THYCA, which is the thyroid cancer association. Even if you haven't had cancer, it has all sorts of information on how the thyroid works, and I've found it helpful when facing doctors who do not want to test anything.
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I was on cytomel, my new doc took me off and bumped up on the Levo. I had never heard of armour until this board, is it really that much better?
I had my thyroid completely removed and I'm on thyroid replacement (Synthroid).

Consider switching to a different dr. There is no reason for you not to be feeling fine if the problem is just a thyroid issue. It should be able to be solved. Really!

ETA: Roswenthe, I just read your post. Sorry - I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all here. Many people have difficulty finding the right dosage and formulation, but I honestly believe almost everyone should be able to feel fine, if they get the right drug in the right dosage. Also +1 on reading up on THYCA.
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Yes Armour can be better. Your body may not be able to convert the sythroid's T4 to T3 while Armour provides T3 and T4. Armour is a complete thyroid med. It's important to get the right nutritional support too. With hypothyroid, comes adrenal fatigue. Not a lot of drs address adrenal fatigue but it's a real problem.
ditto what curlypearl said. There are many different meds and methods and tests and ideas out there. Sometimes it can take awhile to find out what's right for each individual (as with most anything!).

I have had issues with my thyroid for about 15 years (runs in the family). I had part of it removed 9 years ago and have been on Synthroid ever since. I have bloodwork at least once a year and my numbers stay pretty steady but if they get too low or high we try difference doses and get it under control. Other than hair loss and having to work super hard to keep my weight in check, I feel great, which is the most important thing to me.
I also have an ultrasound once a year to keep an eye on the nodules that are still in the remaining part of the thyroid. Other than that I really don't even think about it.

Good luck and I hope you quickly find what works for you.
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I also take synthroid and was feeling like crappy crap for months. I decided to go to rhemotologist to see if there was anything else wrong with me. Turns out I had VERY low vitamin D and I live in sunny southern CA. I started taking it vitamin D and though there was an "i feel even worse phase" it really helped. I did have to take magnesium suppliments too because of constipation but I feel normal again.
I just had my annual physical and my doc left me a message that I had low tsh and called in a prescription for me at the pharmacy. Thank God for the internets because I figured out what she meant was I had high tsh due to low thyroid activity. My dose is 50 mcg of levo too. I am on day 2 of the meds.

My reading says docs think anything under a 5 tsh is normal but to feel good, that should really be under a 2. I have a call in to my doc to see what my tsh is at and what the goal tsh is. If she doesn't tell me a goal of 2 , I will look for a specialist. I read about the armor too and people swear by it though lots of peeps seem to do okay on the right dose of levo.
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Levo did and is still doing nothing for me. Unfortunately my husband just got out of the military and our new jobs have 90 days before benefits kick in. During this time I'm going to try some natural supplements for thyroid health. I'll let you ladies know how I feel.

Good luck with the specialist. You really will have to fight to get things done. Do research online for a doc that actually cares about people with an under active thyroid. A lot think you are making it up, the blood tests look good so you must be faking it!
You may have something more complicated than 'low thyroid'. you should have testing on CBC,THS, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, and total T3, at a minimum.
If you still have hypo symptoms what you are doing is NOT the right thing. the list I mentioned is minimum.
If you thyroid is off your adrenals are off, and your problem may not originate with the thyroid, the thyroid could be a symptom of a different issue.
It's been more than 20 years until I found the right Dr. doing all the 'extra testing' to get correctly diagnosed. don't give up.
Thank you for the advice! What questions should I ask my doctor to get the proper testing?
Thank you for the advice! What questions should I ask my doctor to get the proper testing?
Originally Posted by Rboettcher20
I don't believe in having to educate or to try and convince a doctor to do anything because it just sets up a future of battles. I prefer to find a doctor I can work with.
Many doctors don't even believe in adrenal fatigue so there's nothing I can say to convince them otherwise.... but I know it's very real.
I figure that I am paying this doctor so I need to fully trust him and he needs to do his best by me.

A functional medicine doctor, integrative medicine doctor, naturopathic doctor should be helpful.
Here's a good site
HOW TO FIND A GOOD DOCTOR | Stop The Thyroid Madness

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I don't have any advice beyond what's posted but good luck. I'm hypo without meds and it sucks. I will say give your dose at least a month for your body to adjust before you say it doesn't work. There's an I feel like crap period everytime dose was adjusted for me.

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