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Blackstar 12-29-2012 03:08 PM

SLS/cone treatment for improving my scalp - recommended by a pharmacist -.-
Wow, pharmacy really is evil. I feel like a helpless character in a dystopian movie here.

I went on a free dermatology micro-scalp examination.

The lady said that I have a type of dandruff which sort of clogs my scalp thus stoping hair to grow normally, makes hair grow thinner and not curly like it should be.

So she recommended a product by Rougj, because it's supposed to solve all these. Also she said the product was "on natural base" which (I realized later) was such an a **hole pharmacy claim because among a few plant extracts were ingredients like silicones, and of course, SLS.

This totally bummed me since I just started my CG routine couple of months ago.

I'm losing my curls, my hair is dryer and dryer, also thinner than it was and it seems as though nothing can make it grow better. This was my last resort, checking the scalp, and now it's gone to heck too.

Does anyone here have a natural remedy for treating scalp?

Can anything be done but to give up and buy darn pharmacy crap?

Has anyone even tried ROUGJ products?

Excuse my language, but this really makes me angry and sooo disappointed.
An SLS-cone based product to heal scalp. Please, woman.

crimsonshedemon 12-29-2012 04:44 PM

Not knowing what the problem is exactly, would a low poo help? A shampoo that doesn't have the harsh detergents?

Here a some home remedies.
10 Home Remedies For Dandruff :

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