16 and gray hair!

I'm 16 and have been noticing gray hair lately, and I want to get rid of it.

my parents are absolutely against hair dying so that's out of the question.

I want to know if there is an easy, natural way to reverse this, like any vitamins or home remedies! please help!
It'll probably just go away because when I was younger I had some grey hair growing up then one day it just wasn't there anymore so idk.
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I am so jealous! I have a bit of gray coming in around the hairline and I like it so much. It makes it easier for me to be blonde. I am actually SO looking forward to going snow white so I can rock white hair like Carmen dell'Orefice .. Anyways... try a jazzing color from sally's if it does not go away. jazzing has no chemicals in it . It is like a color cellophane coating that actually strengthens the hair. you can try a color a few shades lighter than your hair if you'd like for natural highlights ! You could just squirt a few drops out of the bottle on your fingertip and put it on the gray strands... let it sit there for about an hour or so then shampoo your hair. No one will ever know.

Since you say your parents are totally against color if you cant slip that one past them.... just get Roux Fanciful Mousse ... it is a mouse styling aid for hair that comes in different colors

also at Sally's

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