Desperate for answers with lack-luster hair.

Hey, I have a huge issue with my hair and am at the end of my rope and desperately need some advice. My hair was naturally curly, 2C and 3A for the majority of my life. I used to straighten it, dye it, you name it I had no qualms with putting my hair through it. Two years ago I gave birth to my daughter, and obviously my hair changed. A few months after her birth my hair returned to it's wonderful curl, although it was pretty dry. I was suffering from severe postpartum depression so I had cut my hair very short. It was acting completely different from how it had acted the year prior when I had cut it for school. Then my very short hair curled defiantly and prominently.

Fast forward to last year, I had gone through another fight with my hormones and decided I wanted to bleach my hair. I did it successfully, though it was very similar in curl to how it was prior to my daughters birth. Somewhere after that I decided to cut the bleached ends off and allow my hair to grow naturally, wherein lies my problem. I had it cut in a pixie cut to get rid of the bad ends and suddenly had lost all of my previous curl. My hair is wavy, at best, and painfully dry. I had been doing deep conditioning almost everyday to see if it helps, but stopped after I read an article that doing so might be weighing down my curls. While my hair is wet it feels rough and very coarse. After it dries it softens up, but becomes completely unmanageable by any means. I tried blowdrying and straightening, then stopped for fear that I was doing more damage. Regardless, it is a poofy mess, constantly falling out, and I feel as though my only resort is to shave it all off and hope for the best.
Please help!
What products are you using? I ask because my hair felt like hay at one point. Someone informed me that a product I was using was high in protein. I dropped the product and my hair increased in moisture.
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I am currently using Herbal Essences Drama Clean for the shampoo and Fructris Triple Nutrition, 3-min Undo as the occasional deep conditioning. That's pretty much it for now, for fear that I'm doing something wrong.
Your products did not raise any immediate flags for me. Others may be able to better chime in on that. What you may need to do is decrease how often you are washing your hair. Washing every day or nearly every day with a shampoo containing sulfates can be drying. It's like reversing the frequent deep conditioning you are doing.

Also, I do not see a leave in. Your hair may need daily moisturizing with a leave in.
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4b/Density:iii/Strands:Fine, Low Porosity/MBL
For a while I was using hair mayonnaise and olive oil rub alternately, but it would leave my hair extremely oily and after washing it later that day it would go back to the same coarseness. I was contemplating using coconut oil and olive oil in my hair then sitting under a low heat hair dryer.

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