Curly Hair Nightmare please help!

Long story short I went to my friends house she curled my hair with her straightener (it was curly at the time but she wanted to see what it would like like with artifical curls) this bad smell that was in her house got into my hair so my hair smelled like crap. I was gagging throwing up and naseous I had to get the smell out so I did the following...

multiple shampoos (about 10 times one was a special chemical kind)
soaked my hair in vinegar
soaked my hair in lemon juice

the smell came out eventually although not at first, only after my hair was odor free did I realize my curls were gone. I now have straight hair. It's not a pretty straight, it's a frizzy straight and obvious that my hair shouldn't be straight there are no curls in it only two waves on either side of my face and it's been TWO WEEKS. I've deep conditioned I've stopped shampooing daily and I put oil's and other conditioning product (my hair does feel dry and looks damaged) but I don't know what to do

If anyone has any advice or has encountered this it would be greatly appriciated, no salon or person we've talked to about this has ever heard of it before. I'm only 17 and all I can think about is prom senior pictures and college without my curly hair ): someone please help
Your friend messed up your hair and you probably will have to grow it out but you can use rollers curlformers braids or twists to give some texture back to your hair as it grows out

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