treating hypothyroid and reversing graying

I found out a year ago that I have hypothyroidism and in January I got a doctor who took it seriously, switched me to Synthroid, and has increased my dosage significantly so that my number are in the high end of the normal range.

I was wondering that now that my levels are good if my hair will start getting some of it's color back. It has faded a lot over the last couple of years because of the hypothyroidism.

Has anyone had any luck getting the color back? If so what were you taking?
Wow. I have the same issue. I have slight hypothyroid and I keep getting more white hairs. I too, wonder, if they're turn black again once numbers get stable or if it will just stop new ones from coming. Mine are all coming in at the temples, and they get closer and closer together.
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I've been hypothyroid for years (undiagnosed) and on meds for almost 4 years now after thyroid removal. Unfortunately I still have the grays coming in. Nothing seemed to change that. I wish it did because they are coming more fast and furious now

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