Hashimotos and High Testosterone

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HI guys. I'm embarrassed to discuss this, but I think if anyone will be nonjudgmental, it'll be my fellow curlies. I was recently diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis (autoimmune hypothyroidism) and "slightly elevated testosterone" according to my endocrinologist. My thyroid is dying and my levels are dropping, and I'm terrified of losing my hair. It's my baby and the only thing I am confident about. Does anyone have tips on preventing hair loss? I'm not on synthroid yet, but I hope to be on it soon. Any support would be truly helpful. Thank you.

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I had hashimotos for years and years . Been on synthroid since I was 22. You do suffer a bit of hair loss but it is not noticable. with low thyroid it's dryness you combat in skin and hair. Just pay attention to your hairs needs and meet them. It'll be ok. And you will feel better once you are in synthroid
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Please go to www.stopthethyroidmadness.com and learn about Hashi's. most patients find that they do better on a dessicated thyroid rather than a t4 only med like synthroid. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com...eds-dont-work/

There is a lot you can do for autoimmune disease on your own. Takes time and effort but it's worth it.

Some things i wish I knew when I first got sick.
Be your own advocate. Don't blindly trust any doctor regardless of his/her education.
Know that modern medicine is not about healing and only management of symptoms
Learn everything you can from all sources- western medicine, naturopathic, nutritional, etc.
Take charge of your health!
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