sudden oily hair!--HELP frustrated

The past 2 weeks have been HECK for my 2b/3a hair. All of a sudden those weeks ago I noticed that my hair seemed dirty/greasy the morning after my nightly shower, so I just reshowered that night and didn't think anything of it. Than I noticed the same thing again that next morning. I changed my pillow case and sheets, and took a shower and used only shampoo (this time a clarifying one), and no other products during or after. But the same thing happened again! It's really only bad bad around my hairline, and ESPECIALLY the 2 inch area above my ears. When my hair is down u can't tell its greasy, but as soon as you pull it into a pony you can tell that the hairline and all the under layers of my hair are nasty. I really don't know what to do. I have tried gently washing my hair, and also scrubbing my hair. You can see as my hair dries after my shower that it is drying greasy. I don't know why this sudden sudden change happened. PLEASE HELP guys, I really can't take this anymore!
Have you noticed any changes in your sweat pattern?
Are any of your lymph glands tender?
Have you had any recent changes to your diet or lifestyle?
Medical Aromatherapist,
Manufacturer of Natural Bodycare products, and naturally red Type 3A Hair

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