stress and hair loss

I finally discovered the reason for my hair loss. I have struggled with hair loss for years, and tried ALL the supplements out there. NO luck--I still ended up with a handful of hair in the shower that I couldn't afford to lose. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and will be out of work for 1 more week. Miracle cure! I have lost maybe 5 strands of hair each time I shower now. The only thing different is I am not working!! Job related stress, there is no other explanation, I even stopped taking vitamins the day of my surgery because I will no longer be able to take them for medical reasons. It is amazing what stress can do to your body.
Yes, stress can take a toll on the body.

I got a quarter to fifty cents piece sized bald spot close to my left temple during the summer. After having a couple of docs look at it, I was told it was alopecia areata, which was most likely caused from stress. The dermatologist prescribed some strong, topical hydrocortisone cream. It still took over 6 months for the hair to grow back in and not be noticeable.

I hope your recovery is going well. good luck when you head back to work.

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my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

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Brio, the same thing happened to my Mom some years back. It was while she was having some pretty serious relationship problems (obviously the cause of the stress), and it certainly didn't help her already lowered self-esteem at the time. The doctor gave her the same diagnosis and I think even the same prescription.

You're right, stress can be a major factor in the way the body functions. At least now you finally know what the cause of your hair loss was, girlcat36!
Acupuncture practitioners believe that the condition of the hair is a direct reflection of the blood, the organs responsible for cleansing the blood (especially the kidneys), the sex organs, and the adrenal glands. The condition of the hair follicles are directly affected by the toxicity in the blood. The hair follicles are responsible for the nourishment of the hair and they also support the growth of hair.

Find an Acupuncture Practitioner
Bummer---now I am having chemo and radiation and the hair that stopped falling out is going away........
I did a search for you and found this info:

"Hair Loss. A mushroom extract, originally concocted for use as an immune system booster, improves alopecia (hair loss), a condition associated with the use of conventional cancer treatments (Ahn WS et al 2004). Animal studies have also shown that supplementing with the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine can also protect against hair loss during conventional cancer treatments (D'Agostini F et al 199. " (From

Since radiation generates lots of free radicals and is very stressful on the cells, you should follow a complete anti-stress nutritional program such as described in pages 5-8 of this article.

I want to add that I'm saying a prayer for your complete recovery right now. It so happens that my 74y.o. Mom is having radiation for brain cancer nodules so my heart goes out to you as well. (((HUGS)))
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

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Halfwavy--thank you for the info and the prayer. I am not allowed to take any supplements right now ( not even multivitamin ) BUT as soon as I am done treatment I will check into those supplements
You're not allowed to take any supplements at a time you need them the most??? Oh my, you really need to read this book. I attended a small lecture with the author and the audience was filled with long-time cancer patients who were already following some natural protocol, that was a surprise to me because I'd never met anyone who had lived with cancer 10 years or more.

If you are not interested in the book, at least PLEASE do yourself a favor and visit CureZone . I'm sure your eyes will be wide open, pay particular attention to the testimonies, OK?
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
My doctor said extra supplements can also help cancer cells survive during radiation, but I only have 7 more treatments, and MAYBE 1 more chemo. As soon as I am done---supplements here I come!! You have a lot of info, so how long do I have to wait after my last chemo to color my hair?
Well, it does make sense that during treatment you should abstain, but before you could've taken some things to prepare you and after you can have certain supplements that have neutral effect on cancer cells or even help combat them either directly or by strengthening the immune system. Of course, it would be best for you to seek an experienced naturopath to guide you in this regard but there are always a few things you could even try on your own.

And, Gosh, you sound just like my mother. Her hair is now totally white and while still on her chemo treatments she was thinking about the new color she was going to have on her hair which, honestly, is the last thing either of you should be concerned about right now. I feel partly responsible for my mother's "color-craving" because when I heard that all her hair had fallen and that she couldn't find an adequate wig back home I sent her one in a reddish medium brown color (similar to one she'd had some years ago) and she liked it so much (apparently she got many compliments from her friends) that's the color she wants now. I really set out to find her one in shades of gray thinking this was a good time for her to finally go gray (I mean, she turned 75 in January...) however, my oldest niece was here and went shopping with me and she told me "Mama is not going to wear that" so I ended up buying her the colored one.

Since most alternative practitioners would be opposed to hair coloring, I'm sure a reasonable waiting period for them would be "never". But from a more humane point of view, I would (strongly) suggest that you wait until you are feeling better and hopefully following a good cleansing program, then choose a color that requires little maintenance/infrequent retouches from the most natural line available at a health food store.

If I may ask, what kind of cancer do you have and how long ago were you diagnosed? If you don't want to post it here you can PM me any time. My Mom first had Stage 2 b/c in '04 and had a modified radical mastectomy. The next year she had her thyroid taken out due to non-cancerous nodules which had grown to much causing her discomfort. And last year the b/c returned right under the scar and in her lungs. She had a round of chemo which was very effective but then when they did a scan of her head recently they found some nodules in her brain and she's having radiation now. She is the 4th of 6 siblings who has had cancer so this is a subject that, like it or not, I'm very connected to.
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
You're mother is in my prayers. I had stage 2 Tonsil Cancer, Diagnosed Mar. 1 during routine tonsillectomy. this was caused by the HPV virus! Girls you need to know this, HPV also causes oral cancers they are now just discovering. I probably had this for 3 years prior to DX. My prognosis is very good BUT the treatment is VERY aggressive.Seven weeks of full neck radiation, 3 rounds of a high-dose chemo, and a feeding tube to boot! I am chronicling this on the web if you are interested.
Thank you for including my mother in your prayers, now we are all bonded together.

Wow, that is a very good warning to give people today because oral sex is more and more common today, I think some people actually prefer it to good ol' "heavy-duty" sex as it gives them a false sense of safety, at least from pregnancy... It makes sense that the HPV would make its home in the throat since it "attacks" the mucous membranes "down under" it has the potential to do the same in similar places. I know I'm beginning to sound like an old lady but while I was never opposed to o.s. when I was younger, perhaps because now I know so much more about health I am feeling pretty turned off by all "alternative" sexual expressions.

Where can I access your chronicles? I just clicked on your "www" and just found your pics. Let me tell you that I gasped at seeing how young and pretty you are, I just thought "she does NOT need to be going through this!" Girl, please stay in touch because when you get done with your traditional treatments I would like to guide you to some good alternative treatments so hopefully you never need to deal with this plague again!

Much love and (((hugs))).

2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
Hi I pm'd you let me know if you didn't get it. I am 41 BTW
When I went to check and saw nothing the next thing I noticed is that my Inbox was 100% full... I had forgotten to clean it up and heaven knows how long so I've probably missed other messages, yikes! So I will appreciate it if you resend your message, it's probably still sitting in your outbox or something.

Let me say that you look great (despite of it all!). When I was your age people couldn't guess my age either, even recently as fat and "beaten-up" as my health has made me a nurse practitioner I saw a month ago told me she thought I was about 10 years younger when I told her my age. So we must be "kindred spirits" like Anne of Avonlea used to say, or, as my daughter the LOTR fans says, "of Elf heritage".
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
Ok pm'd you again. If you didn't get it I am doing something wrong
I was searching the net for help with my hair loss and came across this forum. Thanks to everyone for sharing your information, as it's been very helpful. Thanks so much girlcat36 for being so open...I truly empathize with you, as I struggle with a similar medical malady. You have a great attitude!!
Keep us posted on how you're doing. Best Wishes to You!
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Thank you so much motomoptop. I am doing really well!!! Doctors are quite surprised. God Bless!

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