Diabetes and Hair Loss

I have post here about my dad's thinning hair. I just happen to realize last night that he is the only one in his family with this issue. So I do not think that it is something in his genes.Anyway, my dad has a diabetes and I was wondering if this could be a factor. I have not heard of anything relating diabetes to hairloss/thinning hair. Any thoughts?
Apparently, there is a connection between diabetes and hair loss.

"Diabetes negatively affects the body’s circulatory system. This means that less amount of nutrients and oxygen reach the upper and the lower extremities of the body i.e. the feet and the scalp areas. If diabetes is causing poor blood circulation to the scalp, the hair follicles will die resulting in hair loss. Furthermore, this poor circulation may prevent further hair growth. So not only is diabetes causing the loss of your existing hair, it is also preventing the growth of new ones."


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