major hair loos

I started having a lot of hair loss (and mine is fine to begin with!) and went to my doctor and dermatologist. They checked my thyroid and iron levels and everything was normal. A couple weeks later I learned my cousin was a celiac. She convinced me to try giving up gluten (basically wheat) for a week. Amongst improving a lot of other health symptoms that I didn't realize were related, and hadn't gone to the doctor for--my hair loss improved after several weeks. It's worth considering.
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Hi.... same problem here. The issue with hereditary hair loss is.... it may have happened generations back, or... not at all. Unfortunately, heredity isn't always a factor.

All the women in my family, except for me 'now,' have long, THICK, curly hair... hair so heavy that they often opted for short hair to ward off headaches. No one in my family has had genetic hair loss...

The only way to know for sure is to get a scalp biopsy, which is what I did. It's crushing hearing 'the bad news,' absolutely crushing. Even sadder, is the lack of support for women with this problem.

My hair is also long and very thin, and unfortunately for me... I had TWO issues going on at the same time which caused my hair to fall out by the handfuls, actual CLUMPS of hair. No exaggeration... it was alarming. Sebhoreic (sp?) psoriases is what they were blaming the accelerated loss on, and I was given a topical that I was told I'd have to use... for the rest of my life.

The good news?.... the topical stopped the shedding due to the psoriasis. The psoriases was actually VERY painful at times, miserable beyond words. But guess what?... the CG routine has all but stopped ALL of the discomfort and pain, and I lose only a tiny amount of hair, a normal amount each day... which is still an improvement from using the topical alone.

I will never have again have the 'crowning glory' I once had, and I have to accept that. But there are days when I am still crushed by the very idea that of all the women in my family... "I" was the only one who got that bit of bad genes.

Feel free to email or msg me if you want to talk. I'm not sure if women are afraid to talk about it, or if they're too ashamed to talk about it, but there seems to be very little support out there for us.

I'm a 3a/Botticelli girl, longing for the past.

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