curls and pregnancy

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I am glad I found this too! I think my hair is starting to grow in straighter since I was pregnant. My daughter is now 5 months old and I am breastfeeding-so I still have different hormones running around. I hope it gets curly again! I know most of these posts are older-but I have a question! I thought curly hair was curly because of the shape of the hair follicle. So why do hormones play such a role in it? They don't change the shape of the follicle do they?
So glad to find others with the same experience. My hair was thick and lush and curly during pregnancy but stopped growing anywhere else on my body during this time. Post baby hair stayed thick but went almost straight, after i stopped breast feeding at 22 months it slowly returned to its curly state with a good hair cut. Hormones play with all our bits and pieces - were so blessed LOL
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I am actually the oppisite. I had very straight hair until I got pregnant and have had very curly hair ever sence. Each time I got pregnant, it became more curly.
actually I've never been pregnant but I had the same experience with puberty- had soft wavy hair as a child, then mad crazy curls (like 3a or 3b) at age 11 and then somehow it started growing in straighter when I was about 16. I'd give ANYTHING to have my curls back even though its been years since I had them Actually I was kinda hoping one day pregnancy might bring them back...
does anyone know which hormone is responsible for all the hair changes anyway?
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i had the same problem when i had my daughter i had very curls hair, it went very kinky and lost a lot of the curl, with my son it came back a little (my hair has also gone alot darker i used to have a nice red hair now its brown) now im due a baby in 14 days and its turning to kinks again, all my children have my red hair and curls. but i used to only wash my hair in body shops jajoba shampoo and the dont do it anymore maybe its using bad shampoo
With all of my pregnancies my hair changed. The curls usually got tighter when I was pregnant and loser again afterwards. But becasue I've been doing CG for a long time I've noticed my curls are tighter then I thought. I chop off a bunch before I have the baby because if you have a lot of long hair it can be heavy and cause you hair to break more and fall out more after having the baby (or so I've read).
With my first baby (i was relaxed) my hair grew like weed and was very healthy looking. I just BC'd on December 30th, so I'm looking forward to seeing what this baby will do for my natural hair. I'm hoping to see that wild growth like I did last time, but I have no clue if it will do anything to my texture.
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I experienced the same thing. I gave birth for the last time just over 8 years ago. Before having kids, my hair was the most beautiful tightly wound ringlets. I LOVED it!! After giving birth it almost went completely straight and turned dark brown from my previous golden and auburn colored hair. I still have the brown hair and my hair is a combo of loose boticelli curls and waves. I'm still holding onto the dream that my curls will return, but as time keeps marching on I am starting to realize that it might not happen.
Wow! I'm finding this may answer some of my questions as to what on earth is going on with my curls! My hair has always been 3a. I miscarried at just past 3 months pregnant and my hair has been having a massive crisis ever since-totally limp, stringy and like 2a. I'm hoping its hormones and stress (my husband is in the Army and is also gone right now too)
I just want my curls back!
Wow! This happened to me too. I have four children, and with each pregnancy it has gotten curlier and curlier. It used to be straighter as a child, but never really straight, more wavy. Honestly, I like it better this way now that I know what to do with it.
I had 2 kids, 18 months apart, then a miscarriage 12 months later, each time I had hair fallout 3-4 months after the end of pregnancy. I have distinct layers of thickness in my hair, 6 or 8 inches apart- the first 8 inches is the thickest, the next 6 inches is thinner, so is the next, and the last is thin enough to need cutting off.
The texture changed each time, too. light curl-to-strong wave-to-tighter curl and back to my normal mixed texture with the latest PG. I wonder if the attendant kids will share the texture they made my hair during PG!
My Dr said it is because you stop shedding hair at usual during pregnancy, then post-partum, the hair you would have normally shed comes out all at once.
Not sure about that one.

fun to hear everyone else's stories!
Hmm. My hair didn't go straight, it got curlier in places, like a few curls around the front and the nape. I'm 3b normally but those areas were 3c. Second day hair was a disaster because the nape was so tangled I couldn't even pull it up. But hair was the tip of the iceburg. The prolactin from breastfeeding gave me a severe migraine every 24 hours, so I had to quit.

I'm at 3.5 months post partum, and I've also shed quite a bit, especially at the hairline, which freaked me out. I have to wear my hair down the entire time so you can't see the spots, but it's slowly growing back.

Hormones are weird, aren't they?
Hi everybody)
I feel so much better now that i see that i'm not the only one with the curly hair gone almost straight. I have a son, he is 20 months and my hair was curly type 3b up untill 5 months ago since i had a hair cut. My hair doesnt look like herself anymore and it has been very frustrating and i really dont know what to do with it. It is also falling out like crazy, so it has lost a lot of volume and it is still frizzy. I even went to check my blood to make sure everything is fine and it is but the hair is still worrying me. I'm seriously considering some kind of a short hair cut because all i do now is wear a ponytale i cant look at my hair now, it makes me cry.
Has anyone's curles came back afer becoming almost straight after pregnancy.
I wonder is there any hope for my hair i really miss it, i dont feel like myself anymore.

Thank you for listening)
Wow! I am so happy to find this thread! I had no idea that breastfeeding makes you shed.

I am 9 months post partum with my second baby and i am shedding like crazy. Just did a garlic-henna treatment and i can say that i am shedding a lot less, but I have only done ot once so i will have to do it a couple more times to determine the results.

With my first baby i had no shedding - my hair was thick, dry and grew very long.

With my second it was even thicker and longer but not as dry. However i have been shedding so much that i actually stopped combing my hair for fear of going bald!

No real texture change to speak of, but, my father, who has always had an afro, now has compleatly straight hair, i mean bone straight, so i am wondering if the same will happen to me! I hope not!

I will do another garlic treatment in 2 weeks time, but this time without the henna. Will post results then.
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Happened to me last year after giving birth. Mine was at waist length and poof no longer curling. It was just hanging there lank :S Then the mommy hormones kicked in and I chopped it off to shoulder length. It's now just trying to pass bsl.

Well not long after cutting it, my hair returned to normal and was happy again. So, hang in there and treat it gently. Trust me it will pass.
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Wow, it's nice to read through this thread and realize I'm not alone in my post-baby hair woes! As a kid I really hated my curls and my hairdresser would always tell me that it would straighten out once I had kids. Oh, how I looked forward to the day it would relax. Now that this has happened, I want my old hair back!

I gave birth to my son in March 2010 and by May my hair was falling out in clumps! I looked like I had a receding hairline! My hair seems to be growing back some now (temple area and weird sprouts all over) but it seems to be going through an identity crisis. All my previous products favs are no longer working. I've been on this site all day reading to try and figure out what I can do ....
I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to have this baby...since I've been pregnant I haven't shed so much as one hair, I swear. My hair is a wreck!! I can't control the frizz at all because the yucky hair won't fall out. I have such thick hair to begin with and now it's even more so...there's just so much of it! Even when I have a decent curl day it's just so overwhelming and huge!! And then goes flat on top because it's so heavy.

Is it strange that I can't wait for it to fall out in handfuls again?! LOL
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I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to have this baby...since I've been pregnant I haven't shed so much as one hair, I swear. My hair is a wreck!! I can't control the frizz at all because the yucky hair won't fall out. I have such thick hair to begin with and now it's even more so...there's just so much of it! Even when I have a decent curl day it's just so overwhelming and huge!! And then goes flat on top because it's so heavy.

Is it strange that I can't wait for it to fall out in handfuls again?! LOL
Originally Posted by kristie911
that's how i was with my first pregnancy. i hated how thick my hair was because it turned into a hypercurly tangled thick mass.
I just found out I'm pg with my 3rd child, and my hair has gone super greasy.

It did this with my 2nd pgcy, and I basically had to quit using conditioner (pre-CG). If I conditioned my hair at all, I was a complete greaseball by noon.

My hair is longer and looking super stringy. I'm planning on cutting it hopefully soon to help with some of this, but does anybody have any tips on products, techniques, etc. to help me out?
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Grew up thinking I had straight hair that was just messy and in need of a good brushing.
Discovered my true texture and transitioned to CG in April 2009.
Now I'm a 2c/3a using the DevaCurl line, and I'm finally developing a deeper love for my hair!
Before I had my son, I had straight hair, during my pregnancy my hair was a mess. I just couldn't do anything with it. I'm not sure what was going on with it. After I had my son, my hair was wavy/curly. I thought it would change after breastfeeding, but it didn't. My son is 2 now, and I still have my postpartum curls and probably will for the rest of my life. I get a lot of compliments on my curls, but I found the change hard to deal with. I have to relearn how to take care of my hair all over. So, it might go back, and it might not.

I know that BC can effect hair texture too. My friend's hair gets really curly when she is on BC. I had another friend who has fine straight hair, but while she was pregnant she had gorgeous ringlets.

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