Post-Pregnancy Hair - help!

Hello all,
I am new to the website, but am loving it so far! Here is my dilemma:

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 8 months ago, and about 6 weeks ago my hair all of a sudden changed dramatically. During pregnancy my hair wasn't much different then it was before I got preggers (3b-3c), just a little thicker. After giving birth it relaxed a tad bit, so it was all 3b (used to have some 3c at the front). I loved it because it was less frizzy, more even, and more defined. Then it started getting thinner and thinner (I expected this, but not to this extent!), then, all of a sudden, 7 months after giving birth, my hair changed to 2b overnight, and is actually almost straight in the back. I miss my curls! I don't even know how to do my hair anymore! I got some Low-Poo, One Conditioner, Curl Keeper, and CHS Gel, all which I love (virtually no frizz, very soft and manageable), but still almost no curl in the back, and VERY fine and thin. Any suggestions for thickening, curl enhancing or anything else??

Hi Jworton, I just posted a message related to taking pills and causing hair loss and how relates to hormons here:
you might want to check it out for the thinning hair or hair loss--not for getting your curls back. I said:

OK, I think I might know why taking pills cause you hair loss. Most pills work on lowering the ovulation phase by also lowering related hormones, which in turn causes hormones like testosterone to go up, or possibly causing good hormones for hairs to go down. Then testosterone becomes dihydro-testosterone (DHT) in scalp causing hair loss. Wow! Iím proud of myself!

Why do I know this? Because my sister and I went through the same thing and we ended up trying proanagen shampoo. So far so goo. Their link is
Flat is better

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