Hi! I was wondering if I could talk to you more about celiac. I have absolutely no GI symptoms...but I was interested in what you said about your scalp. I have battled scalp problems since I can remember (I am 34 now). I have been told I have seborrheic dermatitis and have gone the cream/lotion/medicated shampoo route. I am tired of it!!! I eat an extremely healthy diet (literally, I am obsessed with nutrition), but your comments on gluten interested me. Can you tell me more about your experience...what was going on with your skin and how going gluten-free helped? I looked online to see what the symptoms of celiac were and it talked a lot about bloating, GI distress etc, which I do not think I have. But I am willing to go gluten free for a week to see if it helps. How soon did you notice things improving after you went gluten free?

Thanks so much in advance for the advice and comments!

PS: I have been CG for 2 years this month!
Oh and I also have been losing hair. I do not have bald patches or anything..I just notice I lose A LOT of hair in the shower. Ok...thats all.

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