Hi ladies.

I had inpatient surgery on Tuesday and have noticed that my hair is not 'itself' since then. I was under general anesthesia for about 3 hours, on IV antibiotics, morphine and several other drugs. Currently I am on Percoset for pain, high doses of ibuprofen and ciprofloxacin (an anitbiotic) as well as 3 other-the-counter meds for acid reflux and constipation. (sorry, tmi)

Ok, after writing all that I guess it is no wonder my hair is a mess... I have been keeping it braided to avoid knotting since I am pretty bed bound. Since taking my braids out yesterday, my hair texture is different---very soft, frizzy and finer. This is my 3rd surgery in 4 yrs adn I have never noticed a change in hair texture before?! What do you think? I really hope it doesn't stay this way as it also seems less curly. Is there anything I can do about it? Deep conditioning? Vitamins?
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