forehead breakout and hair gel. Eek!

I've been breaking out horribly on my forehead and I am wondering if it has to do with my routine? I usually put my contacts and face lotion on and then bend over and scrunch in my gel (post shower) and then I keep my head bent over while I lotion my body and get partially dressed. I am thinking maybe the hair touching my forehead while I bend over is causing breakouts? I'm having trouble establishing a routine because I have ot keep my head bent over or something so that I dont' get a flat top (clipping has not worked for me). It's difficult because my hair is getting long (bra strap when straight/wet) so I cant' rinse upside down without turning my hair into a rat's nest. I need suggestions!

Former CG then modified CG, now too lazy :P Type 2B/3A (I think...) and still rather annoyed with my hair :P
I'm not completely sure about your situation, but I do know that I tried a gel before and I had the same problem. When I stopped using it, so did the acne. Have you tried using a gel that has minimum ingredients (like all natural gels found in health stores)? I have sensitive skin and if I use something that has chemicals in it I usually break out, or get a rash, or some kind of skin issue. Unfortunately there are so many factors that affect our skin, it's hard to pin down one particular cause.
I hope this helps in some small way
Good luck to you!
3b, CG method
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I dont know if it would help..but what about trying a wide cloth headband to cover your forehead while you are doing your hair
its the gel , it clogs your pores and causes break outs , use conditioning leave in cream , but things such as gel mousse and hairspray cause tat

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