Hair Loss?

I have very curly hair, an B3 i believe, and for some reason- I lose a lot of hair when I shower or brush my hair. I don't know if this is from a lack of a certain vitamin or naught.
But last time I was at the Salon, the amount of hair I lost scared the hairdresser- or at least enough to the point of here she asked me if that was normal.
I was wondering if anyone knew an answer to this, Tia.
( I'm rather young ((~16)) so I doubt it's age... Or is it?! O_o)
The curls.... I hear them at night, they are plotting aginst me Oo!
I used to loose a lot of hair in the shower. This week I totally switched to the CG way of taking care of my hair and I hardly loose any! If you're willing to try something new, I'd try using products in line with the Curly Girl method. Ask around... everyone is very helpful here!
A 3B trying to regain control of the frizz!
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People normally lose up to 100 each could lose more or less and it still be normal. Do you dye, blow dry, or use a flat iron a lot? Have you relaxed your hair? You may have damaged hair that breaks easier when washing. My hair ends are damaged from too much dyeing and too much heat and they break off a lot but I still have plenty of hair for it to not make much of a difference.

Vitamin B deficiencies can make you lose a lot more hair. It's found in meats, nuts, fish, and dark green leafy vegetables. Do you get enough protein in your daily foods?

Try to use as little heat as possible and be gentle when you wash/condition your hair and see if you notice less coming out. There's not too much room for concern as long as your not getting bald spots or noticeable thinner hair...we shed more hair
when it becomes winter.


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