PCOS Update

So I've been having a period... 17 days long as of today

I called my doctor on day 12 and waited 2 days with no call back. So I called again and no call back. So I talked to some of my friends and they all recommended Dr. David Melendez in OKC. So I made an appointment. The receptionist was a b*tch and it was so bad I almost left. I was also very uncomfortable because they were looking at me like I was odd. I soon realized I was the only person in the entire room (there were at least 20 other people) wearing my hair curly.

I'm glad I didn't leave because his nurse was one of the nicest and funniest people I've ever met. I was too nervous to look at the scale (I was afraid I might have gained weight LOL). Anyway then I went into another room to wait for him.

How cool is this... he gave me 4 options for treatment ideas!!!! 1) take me off metformin all together (which he didn't like too much) 2) try a different drug 3) increase metformin and take synthetic progesterone 4) increase metformin and take natural progesterone

Since my periods have been odd either very very heavy and 7 days long or very light and 2 weeks long he thought it might be best to try and take progesterone for a while to help even things out and get my cycles under control.

So we decided natural progesterone for 10 days each month for 6 months and increase my metformin from 1000 mg to 1500 mg. He wanted to see me back in 4 months (which I thought was nice b/c my other doctor never asked me to make check up appointments).

And to make things even better... I finally broke down and asked what my weight was... I lost 10 in a little over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lesson learned... a good doctor is worth a lot when you've got a problem like this.
Congrats on the fab doctor! Now I gotta find me one. Or at least a new GYN...peachy keen...

curlygirlyme - how is the new regimen working for you? Hope it's working really well!!!
3a/b thin/fine
fotki PW: curls
updated 5/1/2010 "starting over"

don't even HAVE a "routine" at the moment...
HG: still GVP Conditioning Balm and Biotera Gel/CC
Experimentals: HE TMS Spray Gel, LOOB

Riot Crrl: "Revenge is a dish best served with a side of awesome hair."

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