I lost my curls.. :(

Okay so hereīs the deal.
Just after summer I had long curly hair, that reached down to my breasts. Well, it was quite broken and old, so I decided to go for a shorter style.
The problem is that after I cut my hair short, to just above the shoulders. The underlying hair on the back seemed to straigthen itself out.
Why is that?! I really want my curls back all over my hair. It is quite ugly to, because all the hair on top is curly then the underlying hair is straight.

I donīt use heat products as blowdryer or straigthening iron. And my hair is very soft.

I put out a before and after snapshot to so you can see what I mean.
Please help me to get my curls back


after... notice the almost straight layer on the bottom.?
A lot of curlies have hair that curls more the longer it gets. It's possible that your hair is like that, and just naturally doesn't want to curl now that it's shorter. Have you ever had short hair before? If you have, was it just as curly?
Hmm.. I have had this short hair before, even shorter too, but that was before I got my curls.
So probably I should just let i grow?
You donīt have any tips for making the hair grow faster have you?

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