Women with Male Pattern Baldness??

unfortunately, in my family, its hereditary

my great grandma had it... my grandma had it... and out her 6 girls, 4 have it...

and now I have it too... so now my temples are see thru and I also have thin edges due to traction alopecia and some permanent scarring....

I had been wearing my hair long enough to cover it but now the BC hides NOTHING

I plan on doing scalp massages using Emu Oil focusing on those areas.... Ive also added the supplement "Saw Palmetto" to my vitamin regimen. Its supposed to be a natural DHT bloocker...I suppose it will take months for me to see any results

Any other suggestions??

Words of encouragement??

Anyone with a similar experience?

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I too have it..and I have tried many things..I take saw palmetto too and its help with the shedding. I also take MSM and Biotin to help length the growth stage of hair. I also use a cream from Nisim that helps stimulate the folicles and its done wonders for me. I dont have back all my hair but its not looking as bad as it did in the begining. Another product Ive found but have not yet tried and Im going to ask around if anyone has is called OOKISA its from japan and its for thinning hair. You can go visit the web site and read up on it. Its hit the internet just recently so not many may of heard of it yet. I want to give it a whirl...what do I have to loose?..more hair...(giggles) One thing is best..keep a good sense of humor about it all. Stress only agravates the loss. If you can laugh and joke about it the more you will be able to handle it. I always say if Im not laughing Id be crying.
Hi PassionFruit,

I haven't been experiencing the same thing, but I do want to offer some suggestions that I hope will benefit you:

You could try a vitamin B complex supplement. Vitamin B complex promotes a healthy scalp and healthy hair. It is especially important if you are facing a lot of stress.

Having a super healthy diet is very important too. Eating lots of fresh fruit and green veggies will also help you to have a healthy scalp. A high fiber plant-based diet will also help balance out your hormone levels and hopefully prevent further hair loss.

You could make a scalp oil using a few drops of rosemary essential oil and sage essential oil added to extra virgin olive oil. Try 12 drops of each to 1/2 cup of oil. You could apply a small amount daily, or you can do it as a once a week treatment before you wash your hair. In that case, leave it in for at least an hour. Rosemary and sage stimulate hair growth from the roots.

Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are also great for healthy scalp and hair. Take 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds every day, and at least 1 tsp of the oil as well.

Well, hope that helps! Stay encouraged!
Mostly 4a (with different strands of all types sprinkled in here and there). Very interesting mix... .

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