depression meds?

Has anyone heard of depression medication like zoloft causing hair breakage, dryness and ultimately loss?
Well, I am no expert as I am not a doctor, but I do have an old (2003 edition) Physician's Desk Reference for medications.

This is what it says about zoloft under the general heading "Adverse Reactions", and then the specific heading of "Disorders of Skin and Appendages" -
Infrequent: pruritis, acne, urticaria, alopecia, dry skin, erythematous rash, photosensitivity reaction, maculopapular rash;

Rare: follicular rash, eczema, dermatitis, contact dermatitis, bullous eruption, hypertrichosis, skin discoloration, pustular rash.

Now I know pruritis is itching, and alopecia is baldness. HTH
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i take lexapro and find ever since starting my hair doesn't curl as nicely.
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I'm taking Celexa and have not noticed a difference, except maybe slightly drier hair but that could be do to the weather.

ETA: I've been on the medication for a while now and have noticed that I'm less curly, I've become a 3A/B now. But my hair's grown a lot! It is also a bit thinner but I think that's due to something else.
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Has anyone heard of depression medication like zoloft causing hair breakage, dryness and ultimately loss?
Originally Posted by CarolineK
Everyone is so different. I've been using a SNRI for years and I've been curly since 12. I'm 30 now... my hair is curly and doing fine... but for someone else, it could be different.
I was just going to post the same question! I'm just coming off lexapro (didn't work...sigh...depression is hell) I don't have the breakage, but my curls are getting way less defined since starting the medication.

I'll see if they get better after being off the meds.

Take care,
i've been on celexa for a little over a month now and it's been making both my skin and my hair really dry
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I went through a bout with terrible hair loss, and after much consultation with the dermatologist, the only culprit we could determine was Wellbutrin SR. Once I switched back to the regular formula, the problem eventually went away (though it took a long time).
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I just read about this online tonight. It said that some depression meds will cause hair loss. I don't remember the website but I did a search for zoloft+hair changes.
I am also on Zoloft. I haven't noticed any changes with my hair. Other than bad haircut (see under 3A and what happened.) I have been on med for a while now.
I just started taking Celexa on Jan. 9/07.

So far my hair is okay...

I'll definitely be on the lookout.
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most, if not all psychotropic medications tend to dry you out, so many of you may notice problems with your skin. you should be drinking tons of water-not just the 8 glasses a day, and avoid caffeinated stuff. if you must have coffee or whatever, for one cup of coffee, have one and half cups of water.

i've been on andtideps for a LONG time, so its hard for me to determine whether there were any changes (17-present/22). actually, my hair is in better shape because i've learned HOW to take care of it. so i'm a bad judge.

i started the wellbutrin sr about 4 months ago, and that hasn't caused any hair loss for me.

another thing i would suggest is to make sure you are eating a LOT of fresh veggies and fruits-it's summertime, and they are so delicious this time of year. i noticed that when my diet was lacking in these foods, i would lose more hair, or when i became stressed from my courseload, i wouldn't be eating much and would lose hair.

good luck all!
The lack of iodine produces hair loss . Since several a/d meds contain fluoride, which displaces iodine in our bodies, it's not surprising some people taking them are experiencing hair loss.

In any case, the RDA for iodine is ridiculously low (see, especially considering how iodine has to compete against other minerals for absorption, so the solution is to supplement with additional iodine way above the RDA.
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