I did a search and didn't see anything on this. Is there anyone here whose hair has been affected by menopause. I am lucky I have a thick head of hair because it has been coming out. I am concerned because sooner or later it isn't going to be thick at this rate. It's already not as thick as it used to be and it seems frizzier not as many curls.
Four years ago when my periods began to stop, I noticed that my hair was falling out a lot. I would always lose a lot of hair it seemed, but this hair loss seemed excessive to me. So I began going to dermatologists, having my internist check my thyroid -- it was normal, even going to an endocrinologist. Basically, everything came back normal. But my hair kept falling out a lot. That was when I discovered this site and stopped doing anything harmful to my hair. I also started taking a lot of vitamins, etc. I've been taking biotin and MSM.

For the past couple of years, my hair has become fuller and is not falling out in the scary way it was before. In fact, I think it looks really good. My whole point here is this -- I don't know if it is the vitamins that did it or if my hormones were out of whack at the time menopause was beginning. But now that it's been several years, maybe my hormones have settled down and my hair is better.

I hope this reassures you. But you might also see your doctor.
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I hit surgical menopause when I had a total hysterectomy at 31. My hair was thinning and it was very scary. It was a combo of hormonal shifting and vitamin deficiency. I added MSM and Biotin with a B complex vitamin and my hair loss stopped and started growing faster and the hair shaft is also thicker. I've never had thick hair before. My hair is still very fine and thin but it's a normal thinness and not sparse because it's falling out.
I noticed a small balding spot near my temple I think it was in Feb. of 2007 and the shedding when detangling was scary. I was perimenopausal at the time still with periods. I had other scarier symptoms (mental fog, lots of forgetfulness, sleep interruption, zero sex drive, etc.). For hair loss, I started doing garlic treatments using frozen pureed garlic from Trader Joes and oil warmed and under a heat cap, and that helped. I also have been on bioidentical hormones since August of 2007, and that has been the major change for me healthwise, not just hair. I am in full menopause now, no periods.
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This is all great info, ladies - glad I found this thread. I'm 45, so I'll be there in a few years. I have very thick hair, but the vitamin information is good to know. I'll have to ask my sister and my mom if they had any thinning when she went through menopause. I was just over at the Vitamin Shoppe, and I noticed in the women's section that they have supplements for menopausal women now.
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