Another hair loss question... fed up!!

Hi there.

So I have been suffering pretty extreme hair loss over the past 8 months or so. When it all started, I went to the dermatologist and we agreed I had telogen effluvium. At first I blamed it on starting the birth control pill but my derm. was a little skeptical, as I had only started it 2 months prior and he believed the timing was off. (TE usually starts 3-4 months after the 'incident,' I believe).

I thought back to about 3-4 months before I noticed the hair loss, and the only thing I could think of was losing a bit of weight, intense stress due to losing my stepmother, and anxiety because of starting college. But I don't feel like any of those things should ignite the ongoing, extreme hair loss I have been suffering for almost a year now. The weight loss was only unhealthy for a very short while, before I upped my calories and made sure to get enough protein/iron/all of that. I definitely eat more than enough now, and I always eat very healthily.

I have lost probably over half of the volume of my hair now and the bald spots are pretty obvious. I definitely think I look sick. When my hair is wet I can see a ton of my scalp. Why is this happening to me, when I eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise all the time? (Iron and everything is always normal at the doctor, too).

Thank you.

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Is it possible you have Alopecia Areata? In June of 2008, my hair suddenly feel out in patches. Not all at once and not all my hair. Before then I had been under a lot of stress working a full-time, a part-time, trying to go out and play music at night, and ect. For awhile I could cover it up but when I couldn't any more I went to wigs. Doc's med didn't do much. Hair has started growing back but it took a year to see anything. Found out later other female relatives on my dad's side have had similar experiences but their hair after stress but their hair grew back faster than mine.

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