PCOS hairloss and CG


I'm a newbie who's thinking about trying CG. I have coarse, low porosity hair that tends to be wavy in winter and curly in summer. Its generally thick, except for the crown area, where I have some thinning due to PCOS related hormone issues.

My question is: is the CG routine a good idea for people with PCOS hairloss? As far as I know, PCOS hairloss is caused by excess testosterone getting converted to 4-hydroxytestosterone that builds up in the sebum on the scalp. My concern is that doing only a co-wash might not be enough to get rid of the 4-HT, and it will make my hair loss worse. I know that most PCOS-ers tend to shampoo everyday to avoid buildup. I know there are some PCOS curlies here...what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!
I totally think you could try CG and see what works for you. The jury is out for me on PCOS.....I've been told I have it, yet my blood tests all come back "normal" and my period has gotten back to being pretty regular. Go figure.

I always thought PCOS was more of an insulin-resistance issue (though..again, my levels apparently came back normal.......but from what I've been told, a body can overcompensate for what isn't working).

ANYWAY...I tend to get excessive sebum build-up and have to be more of a "modified" CG. I refuse to use shampoos with sulfates in them and I refuse to use silicones.

I say play around with CG start with just washing with conditioner and pay attention to how it feels. For me, after 2-3 days, I can feel the crusty build-up start...so, based on that, I use the no-sulfate shampoo every 2 days to help prevent that.

What I love: Trader Joe's Tree Tea Tingle (or Tea Tree...I tend to mix them up!!) shampoo/conditioner. GREAT STUFF!!!! Smells great...feels great....and won't hurt your checkbook
Carrie, great suggestion...thanks! I love Trader Joe's although I've never tried their hair products. One question though: do you wash with conditioner every day?
I haven't noticed any additional hairloss at all since going CG. I do occasionally use soap bars or low poos (not with any kind of regularity... just feel i feel like it, really) though, so maybe that's why?

That being said, I haven't noticed a drop in hairloss either... I AM getting a lot of new growth at the crown and around my face though.... *shrug* it's so hard to say whether it's CG, or the fact that I'm losing weight, or the meds... could be any combination of those things causing it.
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I've never noticed excessive hairloss, and I've had PCOS for over 10 years now. I'm like Mims; I only shampoo when I feel like it.
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My hair was thinning out big time when I first found out I had PCOS. Since I started taking meds and getting it under control almost all of my hair has grown back in. I think CG is going to help you in the long run to regrow your hair because you aren't being hard on new growth. I agree with soap bars or something else the is ALS or SLS free.
I try and wash with the Trader Joe's shampoo (all natural stuff..sulfate-free) every 2 days or so to help prevent that build-up I get. Of course, it also depends on what my head feels like on any given day. In these 90 degree days, sometimes I just feel better with a shampoo (maybe it's mental?)....it's all just how I feel, really.
I have PCOS too and my hair has thinned a lot. I'm a 2C but the crown is just wavy.

I normally do no-poo. I use Trader Joe's Tea Tree as well (LOVE that stuff). It is pretty much the same as the Giovanni TTTT but much cheaper. I just bought the shampoo to try and I'm going to use it this morning. I haven't poo'd for a while (even low poo) so we'll see.

I don't get build up on my scalp although before CG my scalp itched terribly all the time and it wasn't dandruff or whatever. After going no poo I'm not so much with the scratching which is great!
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I have 3B hair that has thinned on top due to PCOS I was wondering what CG and poo stand for. I have a problem with build up on my scalp and have tried tea tree oil shampoos but found them very drying? Is the Trader Joes gentle enough not to dry my hair out?
I never did end up trying the shampoo. I've just had such great sucess with co-wash and no shampoo that I keep putting it off! I tried a low poo with Burt's Bees and it was a complete disaster!

I find Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner to not be drying--but then I'm not using the shampoo..I'm using the conditioner to co-wash. CG is Curly Girl which is more of a method than a product. If you look at these boards under newbies you can find out all about it (I won't rehash here)
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

Blog: http://thewavytales.blogspot.com/
Here is the sticky thread where you can learn tons about Curly Girl:

FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

Blog: http://thewavytales.blogspot.com/
dont want to derail the thread, but for those having luck with regrowth due to meds, what are you taking?
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I have PCOS and my hair loss and thinning has decreased dramatically since I've gone natural. I'm sort of a modified CG. I do use a few products with cones but they're low on the list and I don't use them too often. On the flip side, I've lost a lot of weight and am no longer on metformin, lisinopril, or the increased birth control dosages either. The big thing is to work out and eat a healthier diet. I know the weight can sneak up on you sometimes but if you still stick to the routine your hormones don't deviate enough to make your hair start abondoning your head.
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Mafalda - since PCOS is triggered by insulin resistance, Metformin usually helps most women. But, PCOS is still an issue that most doctors don't pay attention to, so they don't get put on the right amount of Met. My doctor is the one that discovered the Metformin/PCOS connection waaay back when (and I was VERY lucky he is in my home town) and his starting dose is 2500mg a day. I've been on it, lost around 60 pounds. The hair loss has slowed, and regrowth has started, but he said it will take around a year for things to start returning to normal.

Also, this is a VERY good book to read! http://www.amazon.com/Pcos-Polycysti.../dp/0944934250

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PCOS is a very difficult thing to have. I have had period issues since I got it. I get hypoglycemia, sebum build up, extremely dry skin scalp, extreme hair loss, but it is not thinning, blood tests do not show high testosterone. Dr. of 10 years ignored all the signs, but is treating me after I went to a different doc. I was 115 for half of my life so far and I gained 60lbs in less than 2 months from depo shot. I now take Metformin. 1500mg a day. Have to fight with doctors about dose and what I have. I feel that insulin resistance is the main culprit, but no one listens.
I have been doing CG for 4 to 5 months. I still have trouble controlling sebum on my scalp. Winter is the hardest for me...but I am trying products like mad. Giovanni Tea Tree soothes itchy scalp, but I still get build up. Good luck to all my PCOS sisters. Keep fighting the fight.
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Well, i have gone through many times from hair loss , when i was in 19teen then my hair like breaking in tears.Then i do consult a doctor she said there is problem in your genes so i got hair ekstensions program and now i am happy.

I have PCOS - diagnosed in 2000 and been managing it with diet and lifestyle for several years now (including a 50 lb weight loss). Metformin 2000mg/day for two years straight back in 2001 - 2003 did nothing for me, I had to change my lifestyle to see in progress. I had all of the classic symptoms. With that said, I never experienced hair loss during the time when it was out of control and now. I still have the facial hair issue though.
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im sorry but what is CG? im not american so if it's short for something then i dont know what it is... could someone tell me?

i've had pcos for 7 years and im going bald... and yes i used to shampoo my hair everyday because i get build up on my scalp and the hair doesn't feel fresh... but now i only wash it 3 times a week at the most because my hair falls out so much in the shower... what's the best shampoo?
CG is Curly Girl. This link here will tell you more about the Curly Girl Method for caring for curly hair.

Curly Girl Handbook
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I have had PCOS for 11 years now. I thought my hair loss was just from my hair being unhealthy. PCOS made me have thicker hair in places I didn't want it, but I didn't realize it was the culprit for my hair loss too.

I see most of you have changed your diet and taking meds and such. I just started CG and am on no meds and while I do try to control my sugar intake, I'm not doing much to lose weight right now. I'll report back and let you all know how my scalp reacts to the lo-poo method (I plan to use the Trader Joe's Tea Tree shampoo once a week and Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner along with VO5 Conditioner to rinse out every other day). So far my hair has been pretty good. My hair has more big fat "turd" curls (as my mom calls them) than I ever realized!

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