Problem scalp. Any ideas?

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I have not had the sores/bumps that you have, but I have had issues with itchy scalp, dandruff, and the occassional clogged pore/folicle. I wouldn't describe the clogged pores/folicles as sores, but they were bumps that were painful & occassionally itchy - does this sound at all like what you have? You may also be experiencing an allergic reaction to an ingredient in some of your products.

I'm not sure if you are already CG, but cutting out sulfate shampoos & reducing my lowpoos to once a week, as well as adding tea tree oil to my low poos & conditioners signficantly helped with the itchiness. For clogged pores/folicles, brown sugar scrubs every once in a while did the trick. Now that my scalp has adjusted to CG, I rarely have any itching & haven't had a clogged pore for months.

Sometimes I think the harshness of products, especially dandruff shampoos, just exacerbates scalp problems. Perhaps a more gentle routine would be beneficial for you. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but hopefully some other people will chime in if they have experienced the same thing you have.

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I should have told you which shampoos I've found helpful =). I use Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo (non-sulfate) which feels really good on the scalp. A lot of people on the boards also use Trader Joe's tea tree shampoo. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties that might help with your scalp issues.

Max Green Alchemy also has a shampoo called "Scalp Rescue", which I haven't tried because it's a bit on the expensive side, but it's gotten good reviews.

Good luck!
It seems like that fixes everything. You could mix 1/4 ACV to 3/4 water. Wet hair, cover hair with conditioner but not top 1" near scalp, pour ACV mix on, rub in, put on cap for 10+ minutes, rinse with cold water. Do every time you shower until problem is resolved. You could also try putting ACV directly on the spots... maybe soak a Q-tip in it and hold onto it for a few seconds. I don't know if this will help. I have just heard that ACV gets rid of any kind of skin problem, from acne, dandruff, foot fungus to ear infections. You could research online for more info.
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I totally agree with ringlets on fire {love the name}.

You could also try treating your scalp with neem powder mixed with some ACV.
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i also agree that cutting out sulfates will help. i used to have an irritated scalp most of the time, with itchy and 'sore' spots around the base of my head/hairline. since i've cut out the harsh sulfates, it has not been a problem any more! i almost can't believe the difference it has made.

so, i would switch to a natural shampoo without sulfates. good luck!
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My 8 year old has had a battle with ringworms on the skin but now she has it in her hair. she has soft curly natural hair but now her hair looks like a over relaxed and broken off due to the scalp fungus. any natural remedies or suggesstions out there. Desperate and hurt for my baby. Thanks!

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