Pregnant and hair is dry, dry, dry.

Please help. My hair is so insanely dry. I have always had lustrous, silky curls that were prone to occaisonal dryness. But in general looked pretty good. I was fine with my first pregnancy, but this time I look like the frizz monster. Hardly any curl anymore, just tons of frizz. I've been using shampoo once a week for years, and conditioning every day. I use gel and a bit of hairspray for hold because I need a ton of control.

Upon posting elsewhere on these boards about a month ago, I've been using Suave conditioners and Herbal essences gel ever since hoping for an improvement, but getting squat. My hair has never looked this bad, not even in the winter. argh.
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Were you pregnant during the same time of year? I know that my curls change season to season. I can have great curls all winter and ok during spring and than crappy, frizzy mess when the really humid summer hits and I haven't changed products. It might be time for some different products or even a DT/protein treatment.

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