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I'm pulling out the big guns...very long post
so my hair has been thinning due to my PCOS for at least 15 years now. I've struggled with anything that might help and haven't really been successful.

So I did alot of reading and research online about the different causes and for my personal situation I came to the conclusion that I probably have been defiecient in dietary protein for decades. I never really paid much attention to what I ate and never realized that a persons body really requires a basic amount of protein in order to repair and build body tissues. I just always assumed I got enough from whatever it was I ate. I'm not vegetarian so it never crossed my mind that maybe I wasn't getting enough protein.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided a few weeks ago that I would try to increase my protein nutrition everyday. I mean I have nothing to lose except more hair so I needed to get moving fast.

I admitted to myself that I probably would not become a gourmet chef that would make huge meat based dinners and lunches so I thought I would try something from the body buidling world to supplement the dietary protein I do eat. I decided to use a supplement called Branched Chain Amino Acids which are basically the molecules that dietary protein breaks down into anyway. I bought a brand that comes in powder form and I add a tablespoon of the powder to 4 cups of room-temp water in a shaker bottle and let it dissolve for about 10- 15 minutes. Then I let it get cold in the fridge and take this ith me as my water bottle throughout the day.

It doesn't really have any flavour or smell, just an extremely faint hint of bitterness that I didn't notice after the first bottle. I've been drinking this for only 5 days now and I really didn't expect to notice any difference in my hair.

But, I have noticed that when I detangle, comb or brush through my hair that the clumps and globs falling out seemed to have stopped. My hair used to fall out so easily that I would sit at my desk and watch hairs sort of just "float" off my head and any time I ran my fingers through the ends, I could count on a handful of hairs. My hair seems to be more firmly rooted to my head than ever before and I'm not shedding hairs whenever I move. My sister even noticed that she hasn't had to pick strands of hair off the back of my sweaters for a couple of days now and wondered what was going on.

I haven't had to get down on my hands and knees and comb my carpet to collect shed hairs that would clog my vaccum brushes. The last time I did that was last week and I've tried a couple of times to check day before yesterday and there was no hair there to pick up. My hairbrush doesn't clog up with a mat of loose hairs- maybe ownly two or three after a thorough brushing.

So, I have to conclude that my body and head was mal-nourished for protein and since I've been adding the supplement for only 5 days I really wouldn't believe this experience except that it's happening to me! If I read it from someone else, I'd be extremely sceptical.

I have no idea if this might help with any regrowth of my thinned out hair but even if it can stop or slow down the excessive shedding I'm really really pleased.

I never thought in my life I'd be lurking on body-building forums but I really think they know what they're talking about when it comes to providing protein nutrition to the body. One interesting think I learned that I never knew is that your body will take protein from whereever it can to preserve your vital body organs, muscles etc. Hair is completely unimportant to the vital functioning of your body so if you're deficient in protein, your hair is last on the list to get any.

Hair will be the first thing to go if your body is not getting the protein it needs to rebuild it's structure but once adequate protein is restored, I fully believe that hair, skin and nails will be strenthened as well.

So, that's my story and I hope it can hold out some hope for my thinning friends here.

here's the brand of BCAA's I'm using:

Now Foods Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder - 12 oz.
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