So, with alot of help from the girls in the wavy section, Ive determined that Ive overwhelmed my hair...

So I started over...and i think i need to do frequent shampoos, because my hair is alot fuller, and not so depressing looking yet a tad frizzy and not defined!!! is there any other porous curlies in here that get weighed down? Seriously I feel like If I even consider putting conditioner in my hair my hair throws a tantrum!!!!

I shampooed with about a dime size amount of the burts bees grapefruit and sugarbeet and it made my hair feel like it was MELTING!!! Like all the pieces got the most horrifying feeling and started sticking together!!! I freaked out and just kept running water over it and put a a few squirts of the target curls stuff in it and it helpt to not feel so stuck together!
Did that happen because my hair is porous and has anyone had that feeling when shampooing?

Also does anyone have the weighing down problem like me that could suggest some shampoo/condish/product?
Love my Curls, but they need a swift kick in the ass!!!

-2b-3b Fine, med tex, med porosity, over moistured/easily weighed down, protein loving Curls!!!
-Live in South Florida and trying to figure out what to do with this hair of mine...