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famus_darling 04-09-2011 07:36 AM

High porosity little girl with a fragile fro
I have three little girls and I've known for some time that they all had different hair. Soon after joining this forum i determined the dryness and fragine condition of my middle child's hair is due to natural very high porosity. Since joining this forum i decided to go natural, as an example to show my girls how to love thier curls, hoping mainly my middle child will NEVER relax her hair, because her hair is so fragile,

So long story short, my own hair journey has showed me that I need to stop using the same products and recipes on all my girl's and finally break down and find the perfect routine for each of them.

Currently i keep her hair in twists. I wash it every 3-4 weeks an her hair LOVES it. I spray a modified version of kemytube leave in on most days in evening right before she gets in the shower. The recipe i use include infusium 23 leave in, aloe juice and gel to give it a little hold, honey, castor, jajoba, and coconut oil. After reading this forum, i am thinking i should add glycerin.

I have not found a good shampoo for her hair, but after reading, I'm wonder if I should try a protien shampoo, any reccomdations?

I have been using AOHR for her after shampoo conditioner, but it doesn't seem to do much for hair, any reccomendations?

Last night i tried a modified cherry lola treatment on her hair, its kind of a combo CL and banana smothie. I had banana babyfood, olive oil, and honey to the cherry lola.

I am really looking for product and process reccomdations and also ingrediants to look for. Even though the twists look great i would like some product suggestions that would allow me to occassionally allow me to let her wear wash and go or wash and go ponytail.

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