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whirlyhair 04-15-2012 01:57 PM

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review!!!
I brought this the other day and I used it last night. What I did was: I co-washed and rinsed-out with my favorite VO5 conditioner, then apply some of it as a leave-in. Then I "sealed" my hair with this coconut oil all over my hair, and then added my L.A. Looks Sports Gel. I went to bed.

I woke up and I SOTC my hair. The amazing things: It still smells like sweet coconut treats. :toothy10: My hair did not frizzed up when I SOTC, which happened to me a bunch of times before. The oil seemed to make my gel work harder at maintaining my curls today, and while I did still see some flyaway frizz (I'll be doing a treatment and an ACV rinse tonight!), the most awesome part was when I drove home from work with the windows open, blowing at my hair and it STILL didn't frizzed up like crazy!

I'm sure my hair would look better and better as I learn how to seal in the moisture to my porous hair, but this oil is awesome so far! I also hear that people have used it around their eyes and their dark circles vanished! I'll try that soon as well.

Just sharing an awesome product with you guys~

Greatcurls 04-15-2012 03:09 PM

That's an interesting combination. I'll try it (customized) this summer. Thanks for sharing.

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