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LaLoquita 08-27-2012 03:11 PM

Frustrated off dry scalp and high porosity! HELP PLEASE
Hola Ladies,

I started CG about 3 months ago. In the beginning my hair was a mess, but after 2-3 weeks it became better, said that some days my curls were more defined and less dry, BUT since I began with CG I suffer, yes suffer ladies, from TOO MUCH dry scalp!!
My whole life I had dry scalp (sometimes dandruff).
I did the ACV for my high porous hair and that didnīt help for the flakes (It did help for my cutilcle to close). I did the brown sugar and olive oil and tea tree mix, but after I did that my hair was AWFULL :crybaby: !!!
I tried to put some tea tree drups in my conditioner, but also that doesnīt keeps up coming back and also a lot of itching :crybaby:!

I lost a whole lot of hair last year, so I also started CG in the hope my hair would get better and for a short time it looked it was getting better...but no. It also looks everytime I cowash I loose a lot of hair.

Iīm still looking for the products that fit my hair. I live in Holland and now Iīm only using Inecto Moisture Conditioning for my Cowash and sometime as a Leave in and after that the Garnier Fructis Endurance 24H Ultra Fixing Gel. And I also use some castor oil in dripping wet hair on my points. Is is possible I am allergic for the ingredients methylchloro isothiazolinone, methylsochlorothizalonin?

Can somebody help me out because my hair also looks a lot of times so dry and looks like a litter :crybaby: I want my curliesssss.
I already know about the dewpoint and all...
I hope you ladies can give me advice...
Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my english...

Greetz LaLoquita

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Greatcurls 08-28-2012 07:07 PM


Since you had hair loss prior to start the CG method, the problem might still be there. Have you gone to the doctor/dermatologist lately? I would start there first. Afterward, begin to stop using your usual products one at a time for one week, then evaluate your scalp's condition.

You might also have build-up and need to do a low-poo.
You could also try a hot oil treatment before.

I'm sure others will post as well.


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