If my hair DOESNT dry fast, could i still be porous?!

My hair takes quite a few hours to air dry.. But when i run my hand up a strand i think.it does catch. Am i highly porous, or less porous if it catches but dries SLOW?

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Does your hair tangle easily, even after you thoroughly detangled it previously? If so, that's a sign of high porosity.

One section of my hair takes a while to dry, but overall, my hair dries quickly--especially if the dew point and the humidity is low.

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Im high dews mostly where i live, and yeah i think im high porosity! Thanks!

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You mean your hair takes a long time to dry with or without product? Do you have damage, does your hair do well with coconut oil or hydrolysed protein?

Those tests have been debunked, it's better to use common sense and think about how your hair behaves, or have a hair analysis if you are still confused.
THE NATURAL HAVEN: Junk Science - Hair Porosity Tests / Float or Sink
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I rhink products what makes it take a while to dry, i think i am porous, thank u!

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Firefox - what does it mean if your hair does better with hydrolysed protein than with coconut oil?
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