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cherryredcurly 03-20-2014 07:44 AM

low or high?
hi curly girls,

i didn`t know exactly what my hair is, low or high. i did some tests, and they gave me different results. The strand test from end to root was smooth and no bumps, but the other way, from root to end, they where a lot of bumps, also my hair squeaks a lot. i did the float test also, but saw that its no longer a good test for finding out the porosity. (my hairstrand didn't sunk)

some facts since i do cg:

my hair dries normal, in about 2 hours my curls are compleatly dry.
i got frizz very fast, even with strong hold gel
my curls doesn`t bounce, they have more of a "hanging" look and nearly no volume, they got easily weighted down from products, oils are no good for me, my scalp tends to get oily because of that, and my hair looks greasy
i added some gelatin to my fsg wich is good, my hair looks better if i use that gel.

so far, the deva ultra gel is by far the gel with the best results on my hair.
i think, i need some products with protein, right?
please help.. :goofy:

Firefox7275 03-20-2014 08:49 AM

The DIY porosity tests are junk science, go by how hair behaves. Two hours drying time sounds pretty fast, would have thought medium to high porosity. Even with porous hair, if its also fine it can easily get weighed down - remember most ingredients in conditioners do not penetrate.

A lot of people struggle distributing straight up oils or use way too much, they are 100% active whereas conditioner is 90%+ water. Virgin hair close to the roots often needs little to no oil, its better for ends and possibly lengths. Try using oils only as a minor ingredient in your leave in conditioner or styler, or as a pre-wash o older or damaged hair.

cherryredcurly 03-20-2014 11:16 AM

Thanks firefox, i didn't used any pure oils since i saw the results on my hair once last week. I think i have coarse hair, when i did the test, my hair's good to see and also my hairdresser told me that i have thick hair, and it looks still good after all the damage i did (bleach, colour, flat iron, blow dry straight etc.)
I also have medium density, still strugle with the volume, but i think i have to take the trial&error-way with products. It makes it even harder, that i live in a country where i can't get good products.
I'll did an order with devacare products on a swedish shop, hope this haircare will do it for me.

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etos 03-20-2014 05:47 PM

If you used bleach, colour and heat, your hair is probably not low porosity, (medium to) high porosity is more likely. If your hair is dry in two hours (that's fast in my opinion), canīt stand much oils and is easily weighted down or has easily too little volume, I would say your hair is probably (medium or) fine with (medium to) high porosity.
Keep in mind curly hair can look 'coarse' because it has a lot of volume, while actually the strands are fine.

A lot of girls on this forum have their hairtype and products they like in their signature. You can look for 'hair twins' and see what products they like.

What is your routine right now? Do you already do the Curly Girl method (=no shampoo method)? You said you have frizzy hair. That could mean different things, probably one (or more) of the following:
1. not enough proteïn
2. build-up
3. using humectants in high or low dewpoints
4. too little moisture

kathymack 03-21-2014 05:54 AM

I agree with the others, two hours to dry dense hair is fast.

Often, people with curly hair think their hair is coarse when it's just dry. Most curly hair is fine (at one point Struttswife, a curly hair specialist gave % for each), then medium and very few with coarse hair. Here is a link to Marsha's blog on the Curl Junkie website Curl Junkie - Natural Hair Care for all types of Curly Hair!: My 2 cents on Protein/Texture/Porosity/Moisture Balance! :-) She gives examples of different textures. You can match your hair to one of those to get an idea of your texture.

cherryredcurly 03-22-2014 10:58 AM

thank u ladies, for your thoughts. I`m still reading about everything curly, it`s just so much stuff to read ;)
i think (just read the link) my hair is fine but not to much, curls are a good s-shape with some tighter corkscrew strands in it (i think 2c-3a). Density is not that much, about medium, the bleach damaged my scalp also, my scalp looks through at some points. Overlayer of hair is most damaged because of the bright red, the underlayer is just black and curls more, also holds the curls better. I will grow the red out and hope, my hair density and texture will change. Because of that what i read, i think, i have medium to high porosity, the red is for sure high porosity, it dries up much faster than the rest.

my routine looks like this:

every second or third day i wash my hair with a light cg-friendly Conditioner, once a week with a cg-friendly shampoo. After massaging my scalp i wash the conditioner/shampoo out, again with massaging the dirt out. always with lukewarm to cold water. after that, i take a palmful of heavier conditioner and go through all of my hair, except the scalp (tend to oily scalp), comb my hair with a curly-friendly comb and tetangle it (i mostly haven`t that much tangles), after that, i rinse my hair with cold water, leave a little bit in from the conditioner. When my hair is still dripping wet, i add half fsg and half of devacurl ultra gel and scrunch it in all over my hair, lightly squeeze my hair with a microfiber towel and plopp for about 1 hour. my hair dries in about 2-3 hours, the red hair much faster.

to refresh my hair, i take some cold water and a little bit gel to lightly scrunch it up. At night i wear my hair up with a hair-friendly tie.

i think i do the cg-method, and yes, there is a lot of i have still to learn about it. I hatet my curls for a long time, but i see, they coming back with every good wash and care for it. :love2:

I`ll do a search for hair-twins, some products are unable for me, because i live in switzerland. next week i`ll get the devacare line, hope this will do it for me.

Firefox7275 03-22-2014 11:34 AM

Try adding back some conditioner to your high porosity canopy, and overnight soaks with a penetrating oil focussed on the most damaged/ porous sections only.

My dyed hair (red) is in way better shape than when I started practising CG/ LHC haircare methods but still can take an incredible amount of leave in conditioner. A true conditioner is rich in the major emollients (fatty alcohols/ cationic surfactants) - these primarily soften hair.

cherryredcurly 03-22-2014 02:10 PM

firefox thanks for your tip. i will do it. Will do a overnight treatment with coconnut oil :)

my conditioner contains a lot of oils, but its nearly empty. If i let to much in my hair, it gets greasy strands and oily scalp. But maybe with the devacare my hair will be better, i`ll have to try,

What red do u have? and what dye do you use? i can`t have that bright red without a little bleach, if i dont bleach my hair i`m dark brown. Before i bleachhed, i used manic panic reds, this gave me a subtle red shimmer, but not more.

my avatar picture shows my actual curls and colour, the reds tend to have more frizz, I`ll test what amount i have to use with the leave-in conditioner. Maybe i will find out soon, hope so

etos 03-22-2014 03:00 PM

There are also website in Europe you can order from (I'm from the Netherlands).

bord for websites to order from in europe:

I personally had good experiences with locken idol from Germany.

bord for curlies from switzerland:

Firefox7275 03-22-2014 05:21 PM

Cherryredcurly: I lighten the roots with a weak peroxide only box dye (Nutrisse Radiant Blondes) then apply a high pigment semi permanent (La Riche Directions, like Manic Panic). Mainly used Rose Red which is a berry red colour, in the process of switching to Cerise because I want lighter and slightly pinker.

Foe years I used a permanent red box dye (Schwarzkopf Live) but 'refreshing' the lengths for five minutes each time caused a lot of damage.

You can bleach right over a heavy coconut oiling which is anecdotally reported to reduce damage, I prefer to add a tablespoon of oil to the bottle tho. Research suggests hydrolysed wheat or soy protein also reduces damage.

cherryredcurly 03-23-2014 03:48 PM

firefox, your colour sounds pretty :) i know directions, they are easier to get here, than manic panic, but i really like the vampire kiss! :love2:
I`d mixed cerise often with pillarbox red before. Now that i use to bleach my hair with affinage bred (wich gives a red violet itself with the bleaching process and a low peroxide 6%) i only take the manic panic to refresh, beause its hair-friendly.
But, thanks for the tip with the coconut oil, will definitly try this, i can`t my red let go :sad:
oh and i refreshed my lenghts also with bleach often in the last minutes of the process, that caused a LOT of damage, and my hair there curls not that much. Other strands, like the bangs i grow out, curls like a tight spiral.. so my hopes are, that maybe, if i care right for my hair, my curls will all do the tight spiral look. Will see...

Firefox7275 03-23-2014 05:56 PM

I love my waves and want to gain length but I love my colour more, so if there has to be a choice .....

It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things: just a matter of patience to grow out and trim off the old damaged ends.

Morgan_Adcock 03-23-2014 06:25 PM

Oh, my! Going by that scale, my hair would be a 0, or possibly 00. It would take two or three of my hairs to make her 1.

cherryredcurly 03-24-2014 08:26 AM

firefox.. i cant decide if i choose my curls or colour :lol: i want both of them! we`ll see how good my curls will do. Its nearly a month since i`m into cg. For the little time, this is still a good result on my hair.

morgan_adcock: did you mean the link posted before? I didn`t understood everything, but how long i read it right, i am fine-medium, about a 5 or so. but its so individual...

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