itchy, dry scalp after treatment

I bought the Brazlian blowout shampoo and conditioner after doing the Peter Coppola treatment and my scalp is so dry and flaky. Any suggestions on what else to wash with without stripping the treatment?
I know I'm kind of late responding here, but Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat is good for itchy scalp.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density
So glad I found this! I'll try it! My whole family has curly hair...imagine our water bill! But the big deal is dry scalp!
For my pics you can go to:
Has sea salt in it and will wash out your BKT, so don't use it. It's actually a clarifying shampoo that I've used a pre BKT shampoo...I used it on my hair post bkt and it definitely stripped some of it from the roots.

I've actually fallen in love with the BB mask and leave in serum. I have the shampoo, but i only poo when I do a hot oil treatment, so i rarely use it. Have you tried a hot oil treatment? Olive oil and coconut oil are my favs. I also throw in a little bit of honey. warm it up. let it sit on your hair for an hour...then follow with shampoo and conditioner. Try it!

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