Using a straightener along with Coppola

I have very fine tight curls. Probably a 4a or 4b. It is so curly that the Coppola smoothing treatment and the Brazillian Blowout haven't really helped me. The frizz is better but I also need a straightener to help me manange my hair. My stylist said you can combine a straightener with these smoothing treatments. Has anyone heard about this????
Don't do it!!! I had very fine, tightly curled hair--4a with a little 3c here and there, but mostly 4a. Now I have 2b/3a hair. You have to have the BKT done multiple times until your hair reaches the curl pattern you want. It took me 3 times of almost back-to-back BKT applications to reach the level of curl I wanted. In fact, after my last BKT 3 weeks ago, my curl pattern was down to less than a 2a. I was afraid I had overdone it, but the curl pattern is slowly coming back. If I don't use any gel, it's barely a 2a/2b. If I use my holy grail BRHG or KCCC, it's 2b/3a.

Don't ever use a relaxer ever again!!!! Do a search for my BKT journey thread. Search for QOD Max and that should bring up my thread in the Straightening forum. It chronicles my journey from my first BKT to my 6th. I've done 7 so far since November '09. I didn't write about my last one because I was scared that I had BKT'd all the curl out of my hair. Now I love it again. So easy to straighten, too. I can blow my hair straight in 10 minutes using either just my hands or a vent brush, but I never wear my hair straight--it doesn't suit my features. life with hair relaxer was a nightmare. My life with BKT is a breeze. I'd be a completely different person had this been around in my younger days when I was struggling with damaged, ugly relaxed hair.

Baby fine, honey & caramel hilites, 4a/3c now 2b w/DIY BKT & LOVIN' it.
Cowash-V05 Extra Body
L'oreal EP Moisture-Rinse-out
BRHG mix w/
KCCC/KCKT (winter)
Clean-smelling-hair freak washes EOD; dry w/bowl diffuser
Cassia+henna+grays=Gold-red hilites
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