Brazilian Blowout, now stick straight, how long?

I had the brazilian blowout done last Saturday and my results were a lot different than Michelle's (the moderator). My hair is stick straight with absolutely no curl at all. I'm loving this look because it's so different but my hair is really flat. I'm just wondering how long my hair is going to be stick straight. If it's going to stay this way for awhile then i might get a different cut that will put some volume in my hair otherwise i will let it be so that when my hair does go back to curly I won't have a weird layered cut. Anyone have any insight as to how long it will last?
first two weeks because its still so fresh, it will be kind of flat and not curly, but it will go back to having some body.
about the curls, if your stylist flat ironed your hair too much when he/she was doing it, then it will have less curl.
because i was one of the creators of this product, i can tell u, when my clients come and see me, i always ask them if they still want to have their waves or just want it to be straight, before i do this process. so i know how much to flat iron and how much product to put in. for my curly clients i always leave some wave so they can still have something instead of freaking them out.

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This is really helpful information. I am a 3c who only has the slightest of waves now ...not that I am complaining I am just not sure what to do with it!!! So I see if I can't figure it out, I guess I can just hold tight as it will come on back fairly soon. ha ha ha. I am having lots of fun with my hair - it moves when I walk; I can run my fingers through it ANY TIME I want.

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I'm a 4a, and can you believe I have like 2c waves now? I'm sooo bummed about it! HELP! What should I do??
How long ago did you have your blowout?
And now I'm more of a 3a...
I got it done yesterday

But here's the thing....she didn't use the BB brand, she used this one called Donna Bella Perla Chocolate, but applied it the way a BB is applied. applied to towel dried hair, then blow dried and flat ironed it...then washed and blow dried and flat ironed again...
It looks like some clients have gotten straighter results than they wanted/expected. As Michelle's experience showed us, Brazilian Blowout can be used to de-frizz and soften curl without straightening it. BUT--it is important to communicate your desires to your stylist, and to choose a stylist who is experienced enough to customize the process to your needs. Unfortunately, some stylists may assume everyone wants it as straight as possible...but that is not the case, especially for readers! See here, an article on interviewing and choosing a stylist:

@HairGuru17 I am sorry to hear that you were bait+switched. Brazilian Blowout is a brand name and is unlike any other keratin treatment. I am sad to say that I have heard of some places advertising "Brazilian Blowout" in order to capitalize on the brand's popularity, when in reality they are using something else. Make sure you know what you are getting and why!
^Ouch. Lesson learned. I will for sure post pics of my curly hairy when I wash fully. Hopefully, the change is not as drastic as it seemed after shampoo #1. I only wash and DC my hair once a week, so I won't know anything for sure until I do it on friday. I really don't want to have curly roots and straight ends during the grow out processs
I tried googling this brand and they don't even have a website. I did find a site called "alibaba" that sells it, and I can tell you it costs less than HALF what Brazilian Blowout me this is warning sign abut ingredient quality Formaldehyde is strong and very cheap and the product description doesn't say it's formaldehyde-free...

Did she call it Brazilian Blowout when selling you the appointment? If so, you may consider reporting her to the salon owner and/or Brazilian Blowout for false advertising. Sketchy! I hope it turns out more like you hoped, once you've washed it a few times.
She didn't speak English very well, so it's partially my fault for going to her without having a full understanding of what was being done to my hair.
I'm not so adverse to a formeldahyde because I'm nto too sure I would have gotten the results I wanted without it. I have very tightly coiled kinky 4a hair. She did use ALOT of heat, so I'm experiencing a little bit of shedding and my ends, which were trimmed 4 weeks ago, look as though they are in need again . I'm trying to grow my hair to well past my bra stap so this is a little but disappointing
Try the Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare Deep Conditioning Masque. Some keratin treatments are super-heavy on keratin but that can make it stiff and if they don't have a lot of emollients they won't soften the hair. You can use this masque for 5-20 minutes, once a week or twice a month, preferably with some kind of steam (like while sitting in a bath.) This will definitely help soften your ends and prevent them from snapping off. Unless you're trying to get your treatment to fade out, then use a different moisturizer because this one will continue to encourage keratin fortification as well as smoothness. Washing your hair more often, with regular shampoo not the special keratin ones they gave you, will help it fade out, too.

I will say that COMMUNICATION between stylist and client is key. Your desires and expectations need to be measured against her promises, and she should be able to explain the details of the treatment she is offering you.

I have to say I'm a bit confused just said it's OK if there was formaldehyde in the brand of treatment you had because your hair was very curly and you might not have gotten the results you want without it...but I thought your complaint was that it straightened your hair too much?

Formaldehyde is a strong preservative. It makes the results stronger and longer-lasting, for better or for worse. Meaning, a treatment without it may not straighten as much, but the ones with it won't go back to natural as easily. Potential health risks aside (must be very careful with air filtration/ventilation), it is important to consider this.

The real Brazilian Blowout will go back natural in a few months after one use (how long depends on hair type, condition, aftercare, etc.) The more often it is repeated, it will build up and last longer. Again I will say 'for better or for worse;' unfortunately there is no info available to read up on the treatment you had...its ingredients, expected lasting time. Have you tried talking to the stylist (or salon manager if the stylist's communication skills are poor)?
Here's what I wanted:
I wanted to go from a 4a to more of a 3c/3b...from the looks of it after my first wash, my hair was more wavy than curly, however, I'll know more tomorrow night when I do my own wash and shampoo.

She is the owner of this small shop so I won't get anywhere If I try to talk to someone else...

She says this will last from 6 months-a year, which of course, concerns me because what about new growth??! I mean there's no going back, but I do want to maintain my hair and stop the ends from snapping off. I might just try that treatment you mentioned...

I do have to say that I don't hate my results's actually really pretty and very very shiny. I was in a rain storm yesterday and experienced very very minute poo***e. It was pretty cool. You're so great with advice, by the way, thank you soo much
I definitely had the brazilian blowout but I too went from 3b to stick straight. My stylist said my hair would still be just as curly but it would be less frizzy. It would also be easier to blowout straight. I was able to blow it straight this morning with my fingers only. No curl at all.

I'm not necessarily disappointed, but before I had an option of curly or straight. Now it's just straight. Hopefully it curls a bit in a few days or so. It's very smooth and soft though.
and my curls are definitely coming back, and not in a bad way. still shiny, still easy to straighten, just not as wavy as it was after my first wash a few weeks ago. I can now go between curly and straight again...the back is still more wavy than straight, but I'm okay with don't freak out too much...i think a few washes will def help return some of your curl.
I wasn't ever stick straight even with blow dryer - wow, that is cool! But don't worry -- it has been a month for me and I can now "scrunch" and get some curl. I am gradually seeing my curls return and I am sure yours will too. I am wearing my hair "natural" today (basically just "wash" and go.) It still feels very soft -- even after a month. I am really liking it because I can go straight or curly. Whatever my whim...I am hoping to get the aftercare products very soon (when a bit of extra money comes in). Anyone using them?
there is kit being sold on ebay for $147 and I just messaged the seller asking if he can go down a little bit! It's pricey!! I want to use the products too, but I can't seem to find what the ingredients are...
At the salon where I had it done, the shampoo (12 oz) is 35.00, conditioner is 37.00 and the mask (masque?) is 41.00. When I shopped amazon and ebay, I really didn't see a big difference in price...the shipping would have eaten up any savings. So I am resigned to just investing in the product (smile/sigh). The person that I talked to at the salon said they have people who have not had the blowout buy it because they like how it makes their hair feel. Another client of hers said that it lasts a pretty long time because you don't have to use a lot. It was worth it when I invested the dollars in the professional hot iron so I am chalking this up to the same thing...
the money we spend on our hair...I swear...
The ingredients are listed on every bottle of product available for consumer use (shampoo, conditioner, masque and serum.) They are a bit pricey, but also come in larger bottles than the average salon shampoo, and they REALLY do help the results last longer. I think about two weeks in my experience!

I would not recommend buying online just in case of counterfeit...every Certified BB Salon should have the products for sale.
@HairGuru I'm glad to hear you are happy with the shine and the way the waves are coming back. Thanks for posting that article about me, yeah that was pretty cool that she posted that!

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