I feel so ugly - Is ANYTHING safe while breastfeeding?

I'm a new mom with crazy frizzy hair, and I have no time to style it anymore. I have been wearing it in a frizzy low ponytail for 6 months straight. I am so tired of feeling ugly, and I would really like to chemically straighten it so it's easier to care for.

But I'm researching, and so many of the methods sound dangerous.. formaldyhyde? I don't want to affect my baby, and we're not ready to wean yet.

Is there anything out there like the Brazilian that is safe (or relatively safe)?
Any websites you'd recommend to help me research the different methods?

Help please!
What is your hair type? I ask because it is hard to recommend styles without knowing.
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My hair is a frizzy post-partum disaster. What about the formaldehyde-free brazilian blowout? Is that considered safe? I am DESPERATE and i plan to breastfeed for another year : (
you don't want to try and keep it curly a little bit at all? maybe you could get a blow out once a week, if it would maintain that long.
there are a lot of threads on here about how to make hair less frizzy by moisturizing, which would allow you wear it curly without it being frizzy. hope that helps!
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