Anyone done BKT over Japanese TR?

I am still nursing my new baby so don't want to BKT yet. I'm thinking about doing the Japanese Thermal for now.

Anyone done both of these? Will doing the Japanese affect my hair too much? How does the BKT do over the Japanese?

I have the Japanese now. If you ever, EVER want your hair to have texture while having this treatment, do NOT do the Japanese. You will have super straight hair, and it may get a damaged wave to it as time goes on and your hair continues to break down, and will only have your natural back when it actually grows out and you have to cut off the straightener.

BKT eventually wears off, is not permanent for the most part, and is much less damaging, and just relaxes your texture a bit. Do a lot of research first though, because BKT treatments can vary with experience, chemical, and depending on who performs it. Be careful!
Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.

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