Should i do it?

Im thinking about relaxing my hair because its majourly poof and big! But im not sure how it would go :S i only want to de-volumise my hair not make it un-curly.
My hair type is like a 3b/3c somewhere between there, so anyone know how my hair could go after having it relaxed?
Are you talking about a relaxer, the stuff you can buy in the box at CVS for 5 bucks, or are we talking about the Brazilian Keratin treatment?

I haven't relaxed in 10 years, and I don't miss it. That stuff was awful!

As for the the BKT, I just did it last week and I like it, but it took away 90% of my curls. This I don't misss, especially when all I really wanted was a wash and go look. My hair when it's straight looks AMAZING! soft soft soft and shiny shiny shiny. The closest I can get to a wash and go look now is by braiding my hair at night and unbraiding in the morning...Everyone seems to have different reviews. Most love. But I know lots, including myself, who say they miss their curls. It all depends on where you go, which brand product they use, and the technique. If you want poker straight hair, I'd say find your closest Dominican Salon that does BKT. If you want to keep your curls, do your research and find a stylist who can make sure you do!
The process of getting a BB is a bit of an art. The amount of product put on, the hot iron process, etc all effect the amount of curl left. Be sure to let the stylist know you still want curls. My stylist did lots of product and an amazingly detailed hot iron. I can get it stick straight with a hot iron now (I am 3c). It has just waves now - probably a 2a/b. I am happy with that, however. I pretty much hate my 3cs. It is baby soft in feeling...also awesome! I say go for it!!

Just to be clear - I had a Brazilian Blowout...

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